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Knight In White Panties

This was the best part — the first session. Mark was a 30 something once upon a time hockey guy with a love for satin and lace. I wore a green velvet wrap dress and patent leather heels. He had picked the dress out one our first outing. It hugged my tits and offered way too much cleavage when I was seated. I rather enjoyed the once over and grins from the concierge and bellboy … [Read more...]

My Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are necessary for everyone. Period. These are the very guidelines that help us establish what behaviors we are willing to accept from others. Boundaries keep our situationships and more with people mutually beneficial, thoughtful, full of purposeful intentions, and connected. Strong boundaries are the very foundation of healthy dynamics with others. If … [Read more...]

What Happened To All The Sadists and Predators?

“What happened to all the sadists? What happened to those who wanna see us bruised, sweaty and crying for mercy but never giving completely in?” I don’t often speak for a group of people, preferring to speak of my personal experience. But my responses to the above questions received nothing but positive comments, and numerous people began to follow me because of them. So in … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster

As 2020 begins, I would like to wish all of the family – from the staff to our readers and followers -- a Happy New Year and trust that 2020 will be your best year ever. Even though we now look at 2019 in the rear view mirror, tradition demands that I offer some resolutions for 2020 – and no clickbait! Besides, even if these are technically a few days late, … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: January 26, 2020

Don't miss this intriguing article on Sex Tech Check out Ok-Cupid's new market campaign Click here to read more BDSM-inspired clothing is all the rage in 2020 Click here to check it out! Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any upcoming BDSM events, new … [Read more...]