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How To Get Better Marks

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On The Edge Of Arousal

I would like you to imagine something for me.  I'd ask you to close your eyes but it defeats the purpose of reading my words.  So, let's set the scene. I want you to feel the stirrings of arousal in your lower belly.  The soft shots of electricity that run from your lower back and up your spine.  I want you to imagine the sensitivity of your skin is so acute, the still air … [Read more...]

But What I Want She Gets

It's so easy to look at what someone else has and believe it is what we need to find happiness.  I see it all the time.  It can be as simple as wishing you'd ordered what someone else was served at a lunch meeting, or as painful and potentially relationship-damaging as constantly envying metamours for the kind of attention or time they are getting from a mutual … [Read more...]

Shadows Of The Night: Dimitrius

His fingertips pulled her chin toward him for a gentle kiss she didn’t hesitate to return. A nice kiss that expected nothing, wanted nothing, took nothing. A giving kiss. She’d not had one of those in a long time. Not since her one night with Jerome. “You’re some kind of fantastic. You know that?” he said quietly. She only smiled and kissed him again, a small box coming … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair-Re-Declaring Affirmation

I hope you have been enjoying Rika’s Lair, my monthly column dedicated to thoughts and experiences regarding power dynamics in Service-Oriented D/s relationships. Look up “Ms. Rika” in the search box for links to all of my articles in KinkWeekly!  Each week, I get a number of emails from couples who are struggling with issues regarding their power dynamics. I’ve noticed that … [Read more...]