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They Found Me

I have exceptional tits. The kink website had provided them a constant stream of adulation and praise. New virtual friends and discussion boards had helped me explore and accept my sexual self. My pragmatic nature has kept me safe and no I haven’t had any regretful experiences. Once, I had forgotten my own rules and things got rough, not bad, just surprising. So I meet people … [Read more...]

What’s In A Name?

You know what they say about saying never. Well, I swore I would never call a man Daddy. For the majority of my relationships that felt right to me. "Who's your Daddy?" Was met with my standard response which never failed to amuse me: "bunny's father." When Santa and I opened up our relationship to kinky play and it subsequently evolved into a (then) bedroom only … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair- Avoiding Escalation and Exploring Together

have been enjoying Rika’s Lair, my monthly column dedicated to thoughts and experiences regarding power dynamics in Service-Oriented D/s relationships. Look up “Ms. Rika” in the search box for links to all of my articles in KinkWeekly!  This week, I’d like to rekindle a thread I started a bit over a year ago in my FetLife group. The topic is “Escalation”; a concept on which … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster-Words

In this new hopefully temporary reality of “The Attack Of The Covids,” I have not been able to socialize, play and otherwise interact in the BDSM world. Then again, nobody else could. And although I could not get fresh questions, I had accumulated a bunch of questions. For this week I have chosen a rather lightweight question. In the current state of affairs, I don't think … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: May 25, 2020

Check out live streaming from a dungeon! Click here to learn more   It's so terrible how sex workers are being denied covid-19 relief funds Click here to find out more Check out this awesome article that explains the ins and outs of Shibari Click here to read more And, in non-kinky news... we are sad to hear that actor Richard Held - famous … [Read more...]