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Reader: I have a question about how submissiveness and co-dependence coincide. Is there a dilemma between the two? Or are they basically one and the same? Is co-dependency inherently destructive as so many of my vanilla friends say?

Baadmaster: Anti-BDSM forces often use the co-dependency argument in an attempt to make our lifestyle seem deviant or somehow wrong. Deviant we might be; say it loud, “I’m a perv and I’m proud!” There is nothing wrong, as I see it, about co-dependency in any relationship – BDSM or otherwise.

The fact remains that in most human endeavors, we are all co-dependent to one degree or another. I have yet to find a person who can do anything worthwhile alone; we all depend on others for everything from businesses to relationships.  

That being said, the extreme bonding that occurs in most BDSM unions can be construed as co-dependency on a higher level than in your typical vanilla relationship. And that, to me, is not only a good thing, but is also a necessary part of any D/s power exchange. After all, even in play, the submissive must depend on the Dominant to keep the play safe and to make those decisions that ensure a good scene. This technical play co-dependence is matched by an analogous psychological co-dependence in most BDSM relationships.

Ideally, the Dominant makes all of the critical decisions in a D/s union. That, by its very definition, introduces a deep aspect of co-dependency into the relationship. After all, the submissive is depending on the Dominant to steer the ship. Without decisions, the ship will sink. Thus, submissiveness and co-dependence are, duh, co-dependent! You really can’t have one without the other. Thus, the short answer to your question is, “Yes, they are basically one and the same.” I offer as proof the popular slave contract. In this document, often the negotiated cornerstone of a Master/slave relationship, the co-dependency areas of the partnership are very evident. Here is a small excerpt from a typical “slave contract.”

Duties of Slave

Above all, it is the duty of the slave to please.

Personal Duties: Physical/emotional needs of Master, amusement, sexual toy/plaything, physical comfort, obedience, honesty, loyalty, waiting on Master as desired and needed.

Household Duties: Cleaning and keeping the home straightened, laundry, shopping, cooking, run errands as needed.

Responsibilities of the Master

Master shall provide a room for the slave during the period of contract.  This shall either be, at Master’s sole discretion, in the Master’s bedroom or in a separate room.

Master shall pay all utilities.

Master shall provide for slave’s sustenance.

Master shall be responsible for the health of the slave.

Is this not a perfect example of Master/slave co-dependency? In fact, it can be argued that it is the very basis of this type of relationship.

Of course, problems can arise when this co-dependency becomes pathological. Sometimes a submissive can lose his/her ability to function in the world because of a total dependence on the Dominant for virtually everything. This can be especially troubling if the Master releases the slave; he/she might fall apart at the prospect of being alone. There are also instances where a Dom/me diabolically takes advantage of the power exchange. This can lead to rather abusive situations. A third danger is when the co-dependency dwarfs all other parts of the relationship. Co-dependency might be the currency of D/s, but it does present dangers when misused.

These abuses notwithstanding, there is nothing wrong with being dependent on your Dom/me or submissive. Just because the “Dr. Full-Of-It” types look at co-dependency as being bad doesn’t mean it is.  The fact that Master/slave and Dom/sub relationships have a co-dependent foundation is a wonderful thing. After all, would you want a Dom/me whom you could not depend on? Or a submissive who really didn’t need her Dom/me? After all, without co-dependency, we just might be…alone!  

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