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I was recently involved in a discussion group that intrigued me. The topic: Dom/mes that work out of their home. As a writer and an Internet consultant, I work “out of my house”; thus, this topic is very personal. Here is the question (paraphrased) and my answer.

“My Master works out of our house. I have a regular 9-5 job, which I had before we met; we both agreed to me continuing my career. I am concerned that I cannot live up to his 24/7 D/s ideal because of my employment situation. Do you think I can? Any tips how best to manage this situation?”

First of all, since your Master was in favor of you continuing your job, he clearly did not want you to serve him literally 24/7. True live-in 24/7 service, where the slave serves the Master 24/7, is actually rare in this lifestyle. I don’t have statistics, but the number of live-in slaves who do not work is surprisingly small. This happens for a myriad of reasons. One is that many people do not want to be in the company of another all the time. Another is that many slaves are career oriented. Having a job can be very fulfilling; again, your Master – from day one – was clearly in favor of your career. Besides, a second paycheck can be a welcome addition to any household, M/s or otherwise. Thus, for one or all of these reasons, your Master was cool with you having a job. It appears that concerns about the “24/7 D/s ideal” are yours, not his.

The key is to understand, as your Master seemingly does, that 24/7 does not have to literally mean 24/7. Of course, for some, it can. All Master/slave relationships are unique and there is no universal standard; it appears to me that 24/7 is more a state of mental slavery than one of physical servitude, which I have addressed in previous articles. The best example I can give you is that of marriage. Even when you are at work, you are married. If you are 3000 miles away from each other, you are married – and married 24/7. Similarly, if you are a collared slave, you are collared 24/7. The collar does not come off your neck when you are apart. (Velcro collars exempted!) That said, one must not slack off when it comes to being a good slave. And that is a legitimate concern. So, let me offer you some tips to keep you on your game.

One problem of having a job is that you can be exhausted when you come home from work. If your job has any submissive aspects to it – like an executive assistant – there can be a tendency to mentally say, “I don’t want to get anyone anything. I am worn out.” Rather than serve grudgingly, you might mention that you are particularly tired that day. Your Master just might just go light on you. Communication is always the key.

On the other hand, on those days when you are not dragging, make a special effort to be a terrific slave. Your Master will appreciate the extra exertion – and it will more than make up for the days when your job wore you out. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Some days are simply better than others – from both the Dom/me and sub point of view.

The key is to realize you are not actually serving 24/7 – so on those hours when your Master expects you to be at his beck and call, you should be very attentive. Don’t underestimate your Dom/me; a wise Master/Mistress will understand the time management aspects of owning a slave with a job. You really have nothing to worry about. Just serve well when you are required to, and communicate with him when you are unable to be the perfect slave due to job fatigue or other work-related factors.

Never forget the 24/7 ideal is just that – an ideal. It rarely exists. Most of us, Lotto winners excepted, live in the real world. In your case, your Master was accepting of your employment. It follows that he will also accept the ebbs and flows that any time-intensive job will cause. The best advice I can offer you is to do your best, communicate effectively – and, more than likely, all will be fine.

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  1. Great topic! Extremely practical!

  2. Sometimes I’m practical, sometimes I’m theoretical but every time I am honest!

  3. submissivesoul says:

    Every time your writing is on point though!

    Thanks for writing realistically about s-types

  4. Caracoughs says:

    Would love to read a piece on submissives who are the main breadwinner in a household and how that would affect a power exchange dynamic.

    • Caracoughs… I would love to write about that BUT, as my articles are based on interviews and discussion groups (mostly at Lair deSade in Los Angeles), and of course my D/s relationship with my live in submissive who is not the main breadwinner, I cannot just write articles created out of whole cloth. Everything I write is reality-based. I will look for submissives who are the main breadwinner and hopefully get your answer in a full length article in the future. Stay tuned!

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