What’s Your Kink?

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Obviously, kinks are important; after all we are titled KINK Weekly! So, let’s look at the world of kink!

“Kink” (dictionary.com): bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior

I do not work for the NBC Poll. But, I would bet that most people have sexual and/or play kinks. In the so-called vanilla world, they are usually viewed in a negative way. As a result, most mainstream commentators think that kinkiness is not the norm. But is anyone truly normal? Besides, normal or not, being kinky can be a lot of fun.

Post “Fifty Shades of Gray,” those even slightly into this lifestyle have a fresher way of looking at kinks and fetishes. Many are accepting that the danger of kinks lies not in having them, but in not acting on them. (We are of course, talking about consensual, legal adult kinks.)

The list of kinks is almost endless. In our handy-dandy Kink Weekly Checklist (below), there are more than two pages. And this is far from complete. Here is the checklist:

Acrophobia – being aroused from heights.
Acrotomophilia – being aroused by amputees.
Agalmatophilia – being aroused by statues.
Ass worship
Barosmia – being aroused by smells.
Being recorded
Body parts (including surgically enhanced)
Boot worship
Brown showers
Chamber pots
Cock cages
Cock rings
Dirty sex (literal) – sexual activity in and around dirt, mud, or oil.
Erotic dancing
Fear play
Fire play
Foot worship
Getting pain
Golden showers
Group sex
Giving pain
Gun play
High heel worship
High Protocol
Knife play
Medical instruments
Nuru massage
Oral sex
Piercing (temporary and permanent)
Pet play
Piss play
Prostitution (role play)
Prostitution (real)
Public exposure
Recording scenes
Saline infusion
Saran wrap
Sensory deprivation
Sex Slavery
Slut play
Speculums (anal)
Speculums (vaginal)
Swallowing semen
Taking erotic photos
Tasting yourself
Wax play
Wearing fluids
Writing on submissive

Quite a list. Hard to get bored around here!

We all have at least some of these kinks. “Rituals,” “Slut play” and “Sex Slavery” are just three of my many kinks. And, if you add to the list some of the more common “vanilla” fetishes such as the ever-popular “big breast” fetish, you can see that the only people without kinks and fetishes are those that don’t admit to having them. Think of our list as a “Kink Buffet”: pick out those that turn you on, skip the ones that don’t!

So, how do you find a partner to indulge your kinky needs? The best way is this super-effective technique, exclusive to Kink Weekly that I will share with you. Just ask (even at the risk of getting slapped) every prospective partner, “What’s your kink?” (Thus, the title of the article. It took awhile, but we got there!) This line works – even in vanilla settings. It has an edginess and gets to the point rather quickly.

Since everyone has a kink, why not find out if someone’s perversions dovetail into yours? “What’s your kink,” or the alternate “What’s your fetish?” asked even at a vanilla bar, might just be the ticket!

And in future issues, we will spotlight many of these kinks both in word and image. Here at Kink Weekly, we want our members to be able to “scratch that kinky itch.” Because if you don’t, you might have a permanent frown on your face!

By Baadmaster
After a ten year run as head writer for the legendary bondage.com, and an equally long run as the host of the hit internet show “Baadmaster’s Dungeon,” we are pleased to welcome the one and only Baadmaster to KinkWeekly. His thoughts about all things BDSM will now appear regularly on these pages. From the mental aspects of D/s to the nuts and bolts of S&M play, Baadmaster will cover every facet of this ever expanding lifestyle.


  1. tiffy pet says:

    huge fan of check lists!:)

  2. Nipple Rings says:

    Kink is one on my prefer d subjects in life. Every one is different and so has their own personal view! I don’t know which dictionary gave the description of kinky being:“Kink” (dictionary.com): bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behaviour. As a modern term use of the word in relation with sexual behaviour I would agree. In my dictionary it defines something as bent or twisted! But given the Victorian piriord! At that time it wasent the done thing for a woman to be seen to enjoy sex! (Now that’s weird; and stupid!) Consequently, of someone was known to want to be tied to the bed-posts or have the bum smacked during their sexual romps. They were considered to have a twisted mind, Hence being termed as being kinky! These days to be kinky is excepted as someone that likes to push the boundary’s with in their live making know matter how that may be!
    As for polls working out just how many people over the univers partisipate in kinky sex I take with a pinch off salt. I find most polls worded in a manor that they will get the answers they wanted in the first place! But having said that! From the statistics from some of the better polls, it was suggested that something like 1 in in 5 Couples in the uk admitted to having a bit of kinky hanky panky. In real terms that is considered to be a far greater number! Although Governments around the world try to keep the great public under the impression that Kinky practises are not normal. (That’s despite many Government ministers have been shamed over the years having being found to be kinky their selfs!) Most people fail to consider that in real terms every grown person is kinky!

    Think about it! What is it to be kinky? We have just gone threw what being kinky is excepted as. So now take the word fetish! Again the normal dictionary term being: Something physical (As in something you can touch) or something mental (as in something a parson can Imagen) that will sexually excite that person! So. You think about it ! If no one got sexually exited, man-kind would die! So when a good looking woman strips of in front of her fella, he gets exited. That’s a fetish!

    It goes to show that every one in life has at least one recognisable fetish in life. And if you go looking up fetish you will find people can have a fetish on apparently anything in life for no apparent reasons. You could go on all day about everyone individual fetishes, and kinks. You can’t tell me that you personally don’t have one thing in life that will get you sexually exited every time! That makes you kinky to a degree, and that makes being kinky the norm! So stuff the Governments wanting to pretend to look good, and stuff the hypocrites that were brought up with out dated values from the Victorian period! As long as both party’s are happy with it, and it’s not a criminal act, then have fun with it! And don’t forget that the Australian scientists have proven that those people that are happy to participate in kinky games are far moor mentally stable that the so could Vanilla people in life! For my self, I’m as kinky as hell, I have fin with my partner!
    Although there are thousands of kinky story’s avalibal, along with a few films like the 50 shades of grey. Sadly most of them tend to make the plot dark and sinister. The few people that I know that have read the book get the impression the Mr Grey is Bully, and a psychopath! Which sadly doesn’t give the public any reel idea as to what BDSM or kinky sex play is really about. Done in the correct safe manor is moor likely to bring a loving couple closer together rather than tearing them apart. Yes kinky play can have real dangers. But so to dose many other things in life. If your wise. You will learn how to do it correctly and try to eliminate that danger. After all you wouldn’t say I’m going to be a SCUBA diver and just jump into the see with out learning about it first!

    The list of kinky relay is endless as the list of fetishes. Rather just righting any kink off as thinking why the hell would any one want to do that! Try looking up the subject and find out what others get out of it. It is often surprising, Moor often than not there is reason in that form of kinky play if only you are prepared to check it out before completely dismissing it at face value! I like to get people to Wright their own kink list. Just by simply sitting down and listing every sexual activity they can think of no matter how perverted it may be! Then go back down the list and right Yes, No or maybe beside them all. That way partners will have a clew at to their partners hard limits. Sand more the the point what the partner would be happy to try out! It works for me. And in time you can add to the list when you hear of a new kink that you don’t have on your list, and every so often you can review your list and see how your hard limes have changed after say 6 month or so.
    I have know parteners that have mist out for years for not talking about their kinks in fear that the other would think them a raving lunatic only to find that they were moor than happy to give it a go.

    • BaadMaster says:

      Great reply!

      I might add, to quote you, “Although there are thousands of kinky story’s available, along with a few films like the 50 Shades of Grey. Sadly most of them tend to make the plot dark and sinister…”

      I have not read the book and have only seen the movie. I am not sure the movie makes BDSM look dark and sinister; it just makes it look confusing. In future columns, I will try to unconfuse the “protocols” the film espouses.

      Keep reading Kink Weekly and keep replying. Dialogue is everything!

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