BDSM Scene Idea: Slutification


Sissification has long been a staple of the Fem-dom playbook. Also known as forced feminization, it involves a male submissive being made to wear feminine clothes (think lingerie and heels) and makeup, and then being made to do things in traditionally feminine ways – walking, talking and otherwise acting female-esque.

I borrowed from this concept to come up with a fun scene idea that can be used with a female submissive. Well, I suppose it can be used on any kind of submissive – but I have found great success in play with female submissives.

I present to you “slutification”.

As with sissification, there is a moderate D/s element to this play. There can also be some shame involved, which may be added to with verbal humiliation. How this is experienced will vary greatly depending on the submissive and her various life experiences and values. Make sure that any aspects you incorporate into the scene are within the bounds of what you have previously negotiated for play with your partner.

What you’ll need:
-One or more slutty dresses (there are some great options if you search “slutty dress” on Amazon. I like this one
-Tacky lingerie (something like this)
-Very high heeled stilettos (5+ inches)
-Assorted cheap and brightly colored lipsticks
-Assorted cheap eye shadows
-Extra black mascara

I think you can probably see where I’m going with this.

It’s pretty simply really. Start by letting her know that the outfit she chose is not to your liking. You were hoping for something a little… sluttier. Let her know you are going to help her learn to be a good little whore for you. At that point you can pull out the dress, lingerie and shoes you got her, and tell her to get changed. Now, depending on how extravagant you want to go, you might have a few different outfit options for her. Make her go and get changed for you. You will sit waiting while she changes in another room and comes back to model the dress for you.

If you happen to own a spotlight (also useful for interrogation scenes), make her step into the bright light so you can examine her properly. Have her turn and twirl for you.

Once you are satisfied with her new attire, it’s on to the artistic part!

Have your precious pet kneel in front of you while you sit in a comfortable chair. You could incorporate some bondage at this point if you like, but I prefer the D/s aspect of ordering her into the correct positions to your liking.

If you are anything like me, you have extremely limited experience applying makeup to a person. Great! The less skilled the better for this part. The goal here is not to make her look beautiful – it’s to make her look like a cheap hooker. So start with some foundation. Then the lipstick. Make sure to choose something extra bright and garish, and once she gets her lips nice and taught for you, smear it liberally on.

Your girl is no doubt well versed in applying make up to make herself look pretty, so by now she will be starting to realize that your technique is less than expert. It will be a true test of her submission to accept this as you undo all of her patient preparation. What a perfect time to rattle off some yogi quotes for her about gratitude, humility, and being calm in the face of adversity.

On to the eyes! When choosing an eye shadow, I recommend… you guessed it – bright and colorful! One play partner informed later that she just knew I was going to go for the blue. Apparently it’s the clichéd choice for such scenes. Nevertheless, so timeless and classic all the same. Follow your heart on this one. Next up, the lashes. Let’s go big and bold and fat with those bad boys.

Finally, it’s time to slap on a little blush and your masterpiece will be complete.

From here, you have any number of directions for where to take the scene. Perhaps you make her do a strip-tease for you, perhaps you give her some explicit training on how to be a good slut… or maybe just drive her to a seedy street and make her flaunt her wares. Don’t forget to keep reminding her about exactly how she looks.

Have you ever done an slutificaiton or sissification scene, either as the top or the bottom? Tell us about your experiences and any comments you’d like to add below!

Writer, photographer, hedonist, Dom. After years of at-home BDSM, Dexx finally embraced the kink community and met many fantastic fellow kinksters in the scene. Along the way, it occurred to him that it would be just super if there was a magazine-style web site which catered to people interested in BDSM, and he recruited some of his friends to help create it.


  1. Melanie Harvey says:

    I really enjoyed this particular story Dexx or perhaps I can call you Sir being a submissive and very well trained. I suppose that my Sir likes that look on me he appreciates my feminine side wearing nice clothing and my makeup especially eye makeup has to look perfect, plus my nails and toe nails ooh and the shoes is a 5 plus inches like you enjoy. After inspecting me he has me take off all of clothes except my shoes and he gets to preparing me in my ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs he is ready to flog me Sir already calls me his sweet slut so being anything less would be a sin. He loves this part about me being his slut I couldn’t think of anything better to be, maybe when it gets warmer outside he can take me to the strip and make m flaunt my wears in public while he sits back and watches me stroll. I just thought I would share this with you. You see being a submissive slut I would do anything for my Sir leave no slut un turned.

  2. lilsubby2 says:

    This is really funny. At first you don’t think it would be that embarrassing but to have to go out in public looking like that?!?!?!

  3. Donna Sash says:

    I love going out in public as a sissy
    I go to stores like 7/11 or to a mall way far from home and shop for more things to wear
    the looks one gets from women in the lingerie department when they see you are a sissy are great

  4. Finally someone has codified what I have been doing for years with my current slave.
    Good thing there are online stores like where you can get slut-stuff at great prices.

    Great job, Dexx!!!

  5. sam i am says:

    haha this is classic. get those goody two shoes girls and turn them into your little personal sluts.

  6. Great fun. Nina and I have been doing it for years, both to her and to our female playmates. There are actually specific fetishes structured along these lines but taken, as fetishes tend to be, to extremes. Dollification and Bimbofication come to mind. Went to a doll party last week and had a great time, as did the dollies. A little web searching will turn up yet another hidden corner of our ever-enlarging world of playful sexual experimentation.

  7. I’ve been wanting to do a scene like this for almost two years now but never found the right bottom to pull it off.

    I imagine it could turn into a VERY thrilling night.

  8. I am a Domme with a straight male slave. As he knows one of my turn ons is guy on guy action… he has requested that I turn him in to a “slut”. Neither of us are into to cross dressing/sissification. But I am training him how to service men as a slut…which includes assuming the”slut” position (on knees, head down, hands restrained to his thighs, ass up, and thighs spread, so his mouth and ass are readily available.) The “sissy” thing I make him do is wear bright red lipstick so I can see how how far down he goes. Plus I use it to write slutty, humiliating phrases on his ass and face. (I am considering have the main phrase tattooed on his ass, as a permanent reminder he is my slut and advertisement that his holes are to be used when we go to play parties.)

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