A Very Incredible Girl

"Incredible Girl" Producer Aurora de Blas.

“Incredible Girl” Producer Aurora de Blas.

Back in the dark ages of the late 20th century, when I was a pink teenage noob first starting to explore the kinky, sexy thoughts and feelings bubbling up inside, the only resources I could access for knowing anything were these things called “magazines” from the adult store, the personals section at the back of my local, alternative newspaper, and my well-meaning mother, which didn’t turn out too well.

Yes, eventually the internet was invented, but it wasn’t until I got a bit older and took myself out to munches and events that I discovered the real-time kink community: folks of many backgrounds, all sharing the struggle to understand, accept, and seek out their desires in healthy, consensual ways, desires which are often fundamentally opposed to the way most of society thinks about sex and the body, often causing needless psychological distress and crises of identity.

For young kinksters coming of age today however, the internet is awash in resources: porn sites, Tumblr pages, personal blogs, and online stores selling every manner of toy imaginable. And yet, there is so much information, truth can be obscured, and they are still left with the same questions I had: Who am I, a freak? What does it mean to be kinky in this world? How do I deal with these fetishes? Where are my damn positive role models? When all we have for kink imagery and culture is gleaned from poorly portrayed BDSM activities in our media, much of it created by people from outside the community who have no fracking clue what they’re talking about, how can we hope to build more positive self-identities without the social discomfort?

Fortunately, with the rise of alternative media outlets, the clamor for new “content,” and the power of crowd funding, kinksters are beginning to have the opportunity to tell their own stories and dispel some of the dark fog which surrounds it. Right now in Los Angeles, one adventurous woman and her crack creative team are doing just that.

Incredible Girl is a web-series conceived by producer Aurora de Blas and penned by screenwriter Teresa Jusino, both with years of experience exploring in their own kinky communities. The story follows a young woman torn between the responsibilities of her vanilla family life and her need to explore her kinky desires, and as the series goes on, will delve into her conflicted relationships with her friends and family from both worlds.

In describing the feel of the show and why it’s different from other BDSM content, de Blas says, “we’ll push you to the edges of your comfort zone, but we’ll do it in a way that is relatable. We’re gonna show you what it’s really like inside a dungeon, we’ll show you the things that you would see if you were a voyeur standing there watching. Some things will be titillating, some things will be hard to watch, some things will make you laugh.”

"Incredible Girl" Producer Aurora de Blas.

“Incredible Girl” Producer Aurora de Blas.

With that honest approach to BDSM, audiences for Incredible Girl will be able to see reflections of their own relationships and desires on screen and possibly even learn a thing or two about the many benefits of a kinky lifestyle. de Blas agrees. “I didn’t understand until I started trying some things out and then I got the beauty in it […] It’s definitely made me a better and more up front communicator in my relationships and expanded my own view of who I am. My hope is that we can translate this through the series by showing that it’s not scary and thus making it accessible to those people who are intrigued, but still a little afraid.” People always fear most what they understand the least.

If the kink community as a whole is going to continue to grow from the dark ages into the light, I believe we must come together to support those people and projects trying to shape the vibrant community of our future. If you too would enjoy a constant supply of new, hip, well-informed, kick-ass communication, having potential play partners in the future, then Incredible Girl would sure love your help. You can donate here!

Projects like this make me want to reach back in time to the pink little noob that was, hogtie her tightly on the bed like she craves so deeply, and stroke her hair, cooing, “shhh…everything is going to be okay…soon there’ll be so many others!”

Kristina James is a freelance editor, content and story developer, and Femdom erotica author working in the kink community in California and beyond. Follow her on Twitter @AuthorKristinaJ.


  1. Chloegirlie says:

    we definitely need more good bdsm type of shows and books that are not fifty shades!!!!

  2. I just watched the teaser trailer and it looks great. Looking forward to seeing some more.

    Also – fun shooting with you!

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