Dungeon Party Rules to Swear By

Dudes and dudettes, partying is hard work, thats right, it takes time and effort to know how to party correctly. Learning the careful and delicate dance of slamming jagger-bombs and shotgunning a natty while making it look good is no simple task.
Here are a few tips to get you started.

Most important, know your crowd and how to cater yourself to them. You will need to behave a certain way at a college kegger vs a polished dinner party. Knowing what the crowd is will help you in the rest of these steps.

Appropriate attire, first and foremost in this department, is there a theme? If a party has a theme or a dress code follow it and put in effort. It’s a buzzkill when someone decides not to participate in the theme and depending on the crowd can be considered a party foul. If there is no theme dress appropriately for the crowd. Going to a kegger? Some comfortable jeans and a tee will do fine and maybe a pair of trunks in case there is a pool. If you are going to a fancy dinner party dress for the part and put in effort people notice that stuff.

The host has invited you, that means they want to have your company there and want you to be a part of their inner circle. If you haven’t done so yet ask if there is anything you can bring and even if they say no it’s always nice for show up with either a bottle of wine or a case of beer. Be sure to meet up with the host on arrival and let them know you are there, have a drink with them and thank them for inviting you.

Engage with others, step out of your bubble and talk to the strangers around you, they will only be strangers for a little while then they become friends. Don’t cling to the host as a security blanket, as much as they like having you at the party they have things to take care of.

If someone offers you a drink and you are a drinker accept and give them a cheers. If you are not a drinker just say so and ask for water or soda. Do not accept the drink then hide it when no one is looking, thats a party foul. Drink plenty of water between drinks and be sure to pace yourself and know your limits. You don’t want to be the burn out of the party.

Engage in the party games, whether it’s playing pictionary or beer pong, boggle or keg stands. Joining the shenanigans will help cement yourself as a lively and active party buddy and will likely lead to more invitations to other parties. Remember, a bit of friendly competition is encouraged but don’t over do it.

Drugs are a part of partying, if you don’t do drugs cool, just don’t be a narc about it if others are. If you are curious to learn more maybe do so on your own time and avoid asking guests a bunch of questions about what they are doing, it makes them nervous.

Again, know your crowd and prepare appropriate topics of discussion and also be ready to talk about random things as well. Being well spoken and showing varied interests makes you recognizable.

Unless your about to tie your shoe laces the words “hold my beer” must not leave your mouth.

Clean up a bit, it may not seem like a lot but it really helps the host out and will once again increase your chances at another invite. Be careful not too clean TOO much, it’s one thing to be helpful it’s another thing being a doormat.

Dance, it doesn’t matter if you are good what matters is that you are confident. So don’t be scared to boogie down, tear it up or get down with your bad self. If no one else is dancing be the one to get it started, I guarantee others will join in and if they don’t, who cares? Not you, Mr. Travolta.

Say your farewells to everyone you met as you’re heading out and reconnect one last time. Give your name and firm handshakes maybe even a few hugs. Save the host for last and once again thank them for having you and be sure to express how much of a good time you had. Remember your host is likely nervous and hoping that people enjoyed their party so validation is key.

These are just a few party etiquette guidelines to follow, give them a go and let us know how it goes.

Vic Sharp is a switch living in San Diego. You can learn more about him here.


  1. Yes ladies, let us know how it works out for you accepting drinks from strangers.

    If this is comedy it is poorly done, if it is not it is worse. I’d compare it to a frat boys idea of party rules but I would not want to be unfair to frat rats.

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