Innovative Sex Research Explores the Psychological Dynamics of Kink Sexuality

Researchers hope to expand project from 3000 participants to over 10,000 in the next 3 months.

Want to understand more about your own Kink fantasies and support the largest Kink-focused research project of its kind?

My research colleagues Dr Jeremy Thomas, Dr. D J Williams social scientists from Idaho State University and Dr Emily Prior, Director of the Center for Sexpositivity have joined together to expand our Kink-focused Research Survey from the current 3000 to 10,000 participants by May 1st?  Our intent is begin to map and understand the psychological dynamics of Kink-oriented sexuality and how embedded shames, fears and trauma may interfere with its healthy consensual expression.

Starting in May we will do quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data to publish various articles in peer-reviewed sexological and psychological journals. You can take the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey for your own personal insights and you can support Kink-positive research by sharing the survey with your own networks. Help us shed more light on this little understood dimension of human sexuality. Your support of this project is greatly appreciated!

I am a Kink-positive therapist, author and sex-educator. I developed the 40 question survey in response to working with hundreds of men, women and couples, struggling to understand and be honest about their desires for Kink.

It has been found to be a useful tool in helping participants gain insights into the specific nature of their sexual desires, particularly those in the more Kink-driven end of the scale. They could begin to identify what was compelling and what was not.

Participants reported they were able to identify more clearly what resists or stands in the way of honest expression of their desires, and explore other relevant considerations to express their desires consensually with a partner.

Some of the provocative insights from over 3000 people who have taken the survey so far:

43% became aware of their fantasies before age 10, 28% were masturbating to them by then.
41% masturbate to porn daily to several times per week.
31% claimed their porn/masturbation activity led to more desire for their partners, 53% said it made no difference in their desire for their partner. 16% thought it harmed their relationship.
61% struggle with honesty and openness about their desires, to their partners, families and community.
74% claimed Dominance and submission was a prevalent aspect of their fantasies
63% believed their desires were innate and independent from their developmental experience or environment
Over 1500 people voluntarily revealed very explicit and provocative snippets of dialogue and other details common to their sexual fantasies.
Respondents were primarily from populations that were already more sex or kink-positive in their views, not by random selection.

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Galen Fous MTP 

Kink-Positive Therapist, Author, Educator & Sex Researcher

Galen Fous regularly speaks at universities, grad schools and conferences about sexuality and Kink. He offers AASECT and APA approved CE classes for therapists on various accredited online platforms.  His research focuses on understanding the unconscious psychological dynamics of Kink, Fetish and D/s-BDSM sexuality. 

He works with clients within a Transpersonal psychology framework that helps individuals and couples get honest, shame-free and confident in expressing their authentic sexuality. He helps clients shift from compulsive, dishonest, risky sexual behaviors to negotiated, consensual authentic sexual practices.  This framework includes resolving the embedded fear, shame and judgments entangling one’s desire.

Galen’s latest book, “Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires” has been praised by sexual psychologists and KInk educators as “Visionary …Masterful …Groundbreaking …Cutting Edge…Worth its Weight in Diamonds … Highly Recommended…A Must Read!”  He is also the author of “The Sharp Edge of Love – Extreme Sex, Mythic Passion, Primal Intensity.  Learn more at

In 2000, he introduced the world renowned Tetruss Shibari Suspension-Bondage Rig, Portable Dungeon, and Sex Swing, the world’s most versatile adult toy. (


  1. Michael B Vela says:

    My soon to be wife and I stayed up way tio late discussing some if the aspects of human sexuality that have surfaced recently in our life particularly with in my actions. We have been keeping a “fuckbook’ we call it from the time we moved in and we just started vol2. It’s helped me answer and come to terms with my sexuality as a bi male with a straight female partner with 2psy degrees. Fun stuff.

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