Introducing The Coatsmen

Our contributor Vic Sharp wants to invite you to apply to a new group, specifically for those dedicated to service. Read more info below.

The Call of The Coatsmen

Who are The Coatsmen?

We are an volunteer organization dedicated to the training, development, and utilization of high-end caretakers. Coatsmen serve in a variety of settings throughout the Kink and outer communities. Proceeds from their work funds training and incentives, which are offered free to participants, and a Community based literacy program.

Coatsmen who show promise, via enthusiasm, reliability, coachability and skill attainment, may be matched with Elite members of the Adult Lifestyle Community for additional, specialized service. These become a symbol of status for those they serve; a proud badge to be displayed, and a uniquely treasured resource.
What is a Coatsman?

A Coatsman is an individual who lives to serve both the community and their charge; dedicating themselves to delivering unparalleled, and continuously evolving excellence. They actively seek to better themselves, as an offering to those who desire and appreciate their many gifts and abilities.
A Coatsman is calm under pressure and can provide structure and order in any setting. A Coatsman is honest, speaks with conviction, and acts with confidence. They are a trust-worthy companion, a capable assistant and a loyal friend. A Coatsman is respectful to others, as well as to themselves, valuing their own development as much as those who would have their assistance.

What is the Goal of the Coatsmen?

Ultimately the goal of the Coatsmen is to uplift our communities and those discerning individuals who value personalized service. Toward this end, we hone the existing skills and talents an individual posseses, and introduce new ones in order to make them a well-rounded and universally useful Caretaker.

The Coatsmen offer a complete training curriculum, covering both hard and soft skills; household management, time and project management, event planning and execution, personal security and self-defense training, cooking, bath service, interpersonal relational skills, leadership skills, a host of certifications, such as food handling, basic first aid and cpr, and many other general life skills.

Throughout, we provide somewhere to call home and a group to call family. We welcome all who have a fierce desire and genuine passion to serve from the best of themselves.

You can learn more about The Coatsmen here or reach out to Vic directly via email:


  1. Well…this does sound like an interesting idea.

    If I’m not mistaken it sounds like both sides of the slash could utilize this group.

    • Absolutely, everyone is welcome regardless of identification, gender or orientation.

    • Absolutely! We welcome everyone regardless of gender, identification or orientation. If you have a desire to serve your community you are more than welcome.

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