Review: My 1950’s Class Experience

Last Monday, I taught my first 1950’s class at Sanctuary. Everything went so well! I was a little afraid that speaking about such an old school topic and having to mention the words “husband” and “wife” from time to time may deter some people.

This was not the case. From what I could see, everyone that attended was fully engaged and interested in what I had to say.

After the class, I received extremely positive feedback, and had a great time at the after-class munch further discussing various topic pertaining to 1950’s power exchange. I feel like I learned from them as much as they learned from me. I am so honored and grateful that I got to teach about a topic that is so near and dear to my heart.

My favorite part about the class was the questions I received at the end.

I would like to talk about them now in case any of the KinkWeekly readers have the same questions regarding 1950’s power exchange dynamics.

One individual asked me if it’s a good idea to have a contingency plan in case the breadwinner becomes out of the work or can no longer work. I told them there should absolutely be a contingency plan put in place. I am always keeping up to date on my personal training certifications. I feel it is always a good idea for the s type to be furthering their education and/or learning new skills for their own self growth and/or just in case they would need to return to work. It’s so important that every dynamic accounts for the worst and hopes for the best. A 1950’s household is NEVER an excuse to ignore the fact that the Dom may be out of work or can no longer work someday.

Another person asked me if I felt that 1950’s dynamics would vary based on where you live. I responded again with an Absolutely. There are very distinct cultures in America depending on where you live, and the culture and social norms of a particular area would most likely impact dynamics. I told this person that the South would probably focus more on polite language protocols and somewhere like Rhode Island would probably be more conservative than somewhere like Los Angeles. People are heavily influenced by where they live and grew up, so I would assume that dynamics are no different.

Finally, another individual said that she could see how her parents have a 1950’s dynamic even though they are not in the Kink community. She told me that, for a period of time, her Dad was the homemaker and her Mom was the breadwinner. Despite this fact, within the home, her father still asserted complete control over his wife and his children. I told her that even though her parents (during this time) were not living a traditional breadwinner/homemaker dynamic of the 1950’s, they were still keeping the 1950’s very much alive by abiding to the traditional gender norms of the 1950’s. In my last article, I wrote about a bunch of ways to incorporate the 1950’s into your dynamic no matter what your lifestyle entails, and it’s always enlightening to learn more ways to accomplish this.

Her comment got me thinking about the many ways that it is possible to implement some facet of the 1950’s into one’s life. Yes, the traditional model is the Dom being the breadwinner and sub being the homemaker, but there are so many other ways to call yourself a 1950’s household without following this traditional set up. Please see my previous article if you would like to read more.

I love to hear what other people have to say. It helps me learn what topics I should put in my classes for next time. Thank you so much to everyone that came to my class. If you missed it and want to learn more about 1950’s power exchange dynamics, I’ll be teaching another 1950’s class on February 10 at Threshold.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

About the Author:

Slave Bunny, a 1950’s power slave, is involved in a wonderful and loving TPE 24/7 M/S relationship with her Master and husband. She is also the Creative Director of Kink Weekly.

She has dedicated her life to working on herself mentally, spiritually, and physically, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Through teaching and mentoring, she hopes to help everyone in the Kink community as much as she can.

Feel free to add her on Fetlife (Slave_Bunny992) to see her upcoming workshops and classes.



  1. hi slave bunny i am new to bdsm and want to be a master i am very in 1950s house hold kink can you give me advice on how to practice 1950s i am on welfare and can not work cn i still practice 1950s house hold kink thank you from john martin

  2. Slave Bunny says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your response. It’s perfectly possible to live a 1950’s lifestyle on a budget. You can easily keep the ideals of the 1950’s alive even if you can’t fully live out the homemaker/breadwinner dynamic.

    I would suggest checking out the Good Wife’s Guide and Paradigms of Power (check out the 1950’s chapter).

    Many protocols can be implemented from these writings, and they can definitely help you to live out your 1950’s kink.

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