Mmmph! Or the actual effectiveness of gags

You’ve seen in dozens of times in mainstream movies and television. The thin strip of cloth tied between a bound damsel’s lips, a thicker one tied across them. Or perhaps instead it’s the single strip of duct tape placed gently across their mouth, barely held in place, as if an errant breeze could waft it away. Or in these modern, edgy times, perhaps it’s a tiny rubber ball held in place by a leather shoelace.

Regardless, any-and-all of these gags somehow, magically, prevent our helplessly bound damsel from uttering a single sound, even while their heroic would-be rescuer is only inches away, the nefarious villain behind him, ready to knock him unconscious. If only she could speak!

Yeah, all of that? It’s utter crap. One of those gags might give you a bit of a speech impediment but it’ll never prevent you from making noise, as loud as you care to make it. As for that strip-of-cloth-over-the-mouth, or the barely-stuck-on-strip-of-duct-tape? Those are so easily circumvented as to be literal child’s play. And I say that literally since I figured it out when I was a mere pup of ten-years-old.

If you want to see a truly effective gag, you’d could do worse than what I use with zeirah. The front-buckle gag she wears is a hard-core muthafukka. The panel itself has 1/2″ of padding built in, and then there’s an integral 2″ silicone plug which goes into her mouth (penis shaped, because of course). When she’s wearing it she can scream, moan, growl, gurgle, and whimper, but nothing resembling intelligible speech is coming out. And believe me, she’s had plenty of practice. Anytime she needs to tell me something it needs to come off, and fortunately that’s not terribly difficult.

So the truth is as such:

So far as cloth gags go, if you shove a thick wad of cloth into a damsel’s mouth, then perhaps you can keep it secured with another thin strip of cloth. Or not… likely not. Simply using cloth for a gag is likely to ultimately prove futile.

So far as duct tape goes, well now we’re talking. But it won’t take one strip. Think multiple strips, a minimum of eight, as many as twelve. And you need to use good, extra-sticky duct tape, not the cheap dollar-store stuff.

Start with a strip straight across their mouth, a long one, going from one ear, across the mouth, to the other ear. Make certain it’s well stuck to her upper lip, *very* well secured. This can be a major problem area. Focus on keeping it snug with all subsequent strips.

Next, do a large “X” shape across the mouth with, again, long strips, going from the upper cheeks to down below the opposite ear. Focus on tugging it in snug over the upper lip.

Now you want to put a strip under her chin, a couple actually, working your way forward until you’re covering the initial strip under her nose. Finish with two more strips straight across, one directly under her nose, the second overlapping to just at the bottom of her chin. Again, taking special care to ensure the upper lip tape is well pressed down.

This should be an effective gag. But wait, there’s more!

To make it extra-effective place a cloth into her mouth ahead of time, as large of one as she can comfortably manage while still keeping her mouth entirely closed.

And then…

If she can manage, wrap more duct tape entirely *around* her head, relatively tightly. This is the place where you’ll want to use the cheap, dollar-store duct tape so it doesn’t stick to her hair. Alternately, use vet wrap, which you can purchase relatively inexpensively at Amazon.

Done properly, she won’t be able to talk, she won’t be able to make much noise, and she won’t be able to get it off.

Finally, a little bit about ballgags…

Stick with silicone ones, preferably with PVC straps which are removable (Pleasure Paradox on Etsy is an excellent source). The ball should be large enough that if placed in her mouth sans strap she’ll find it difficult to push out with her tongue. It should entirely fill her mouth such that she can’t close it and is now only capable of impossibly muffled speech.

However keep in mind that forcing the mouth open can be very painful. Ballgags should only be worn for short periods until you determine how long your girl can cope.

Anyway, this has been some basics on real, actual gags. Now go out there and have some consensual fun! 


PirateStan has been involved in his local BDSM community for over 12 years, after having had a lifelong inclination towards it. He currently lives a contented life in Southeastern Virginia with his girl, zeirah, while working by day for a Major Metropolitan Publication.



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