Book Review: Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph


Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph is the first of a four book series. There is little similarity between the books within the series other than the theme of BDSM and the recurring appearance of characters threaded throughout. I’ve completed the entire series and the other three books don’t seem to capture the same magic and relationship as Comfort Object. Comfort Object hit … [Read more...]

Erotica: Good Girl


She entered the dark house hesitantly. Slowly. Her hand shook as she closed the door behind her, grasping her coat closed in the front with the other hand. She stood, eyes straining, ears at attention. There was only one slight creak of the floor and her head was covered from behind as she was lifted off of the floor. She was shoved against the wall, her purse and then coat … [Read more...]

Book Review: Future Sex by Emily Witt


I first discovered Future Sex while researching topics for our “This week in kink” section on Kink Weekly. I’m always on the prowl for BDSM news or anything pertaining to sex and alternative relationships. I saved the book information and moved along only to circle back to it again once I had some serious travel coming up. Having secured the book into my Kindle app on my … [Read more...]

Event Review: Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival

video tape

Who knew vanilla friends could take you to the kinkiest things? That’s exactly what happened to me. An old colleague of mine sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to an amateur porn film festival because out of all of the friends she knew, I was the first one to come to mind. Well, she got that one right! I am a big fan of porn, having been an avid watcher of many genres for … [Read more...]

Exhibitionism and Public Play


I’ve been wanting to write on a topic that is near and dear to by heart; exhibitionism or rather the act of drawing attention to yourself and/or being naked in public. If you’re purely looking at the textbook definition, it seems quite limited. In my opinion, exhibitionism spans over many parts of BDSM which I will attempt to cover in this article. Personally I very much enjoy … [Read more...]