Exhibitionism and Public Play


I’ve been wanting to write on a topic that is near and dear to by heart; exhibitionism or rather the act of drawing attention to yourself and/or being naked in public. If you’re purely looking at the textbook definition, it seems quite limited. In my opinion, exhibitionism spans over many parts of BDSM which I will attempt to cover in this article. Personally I very much enjoy … [Read more...]

Event Review: Pandora Play Party, Sydney


I’ve just returned from the land down under. It was actually a dual trip stopping in New Zealand and then heading on to Australia. It was my first time in Australia but a repeat for New Zealand. You can read my review of some kink events I’d previously attended in New Zealand here. I knew being my first time in Australia I had to make the kinky most out of it! Luckily there was … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: Pet Play


Perhaps you’re a seasoned player or you’re only now emerging into the wild world of kink? Here at Kink Weekly we highly recommend pet play for a number of reasons. I personally never thought this would be an area that would interest me. However the longer I’ve been playing in the scene, the more I have learned about it, and the more I have come to find my own inner animal. A … [Read more...]

Being a Domme for the first time

Mistress Anniebear in action! Just kidding!

From the submissive point of view! Since entering the scene nearly three years ago, I’ve always identified as a submissive. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t used my brat side to participate in co-topping (two Doms, one sub) or casually playing with female friends. As of late I’ve felt a pull towards domination. While I think I will always identify as a submissive in my … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Fifty Shades Darker


We know many are tired of having this movie shoved down their throats, however we would not be doing our job as a weekly news and educational source without addressing the second installment in the franchise responsible for bringing (perhaps incorrectly) BDSM and kink into the forefront of society. I saw the movie with my partner Dexx on a rainy afternoon in LA. The theater was … [Read more...]