2017 BDSM Events

Nicole bondage bunny

Here is our annual event round up; a list of BDSM/kink events worldwide. This is not a comprehensive list but includes events that people we know have attended in the past or that we personally have been to so we can vouch for the quality! If you have an event you'd like us to include, feel free to post the info in the comments section. We'll be editing this article … [Read more...]

Opinion: Ushering In a New Era of Kink

Hand of bodybuilder

It's almost the new year-a theme heavy in this specific issue of Kink Weekly. Along with 2017 I'd like to offer a new era of kink. A lot of folks identifying with the "old guard" may not agree with this, however kink is changing and evolving and that cannot be denied or ignored. I compare the evolution of kink or pretty much any activity to a quote from Midnight In … [Read more...]

Introducing a New Person to BDSM


We've written several articles similar to this topic in the past but with the caveat that you were either dating or romantically interested in the new person or perhaps it was a vanilla person you're trying to convert. This article will cover aspects and ideas for introducing a kinky platonic friend into the scene, something which I've had personal experience with multiple … [Read more...]

Free the Nipples with BDSM


We’re big fans of less censorship at Kink Weekly, but this article is about a bit more than that! The nipples are one of the most highly sensitive erogenous zones in both women AND men. While we do pay close attention to this area when we scene, I think we can go outside the box and do a bit better than run of the mill nipple clamps. So, I present to you some fresh (and … [Read more...]

anniebear Interviews Mistress Porcelain Midnight


anniebear: Mistress porcelain, you have quite an interesting life! You live down in San Diego? Yes I do! I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over Ten years. I session from a dungeon in San Diego. I am currently working on building my own dungeon. Wonderful! Also to be located in San Diego? Yes! I am very excited about it. My dungeon will include a large … [Read more...]