Ask Baadmaster-Clips, Suction Cups, and More

Up until now, there has been a tendency to aim our articles toward people with a working knowledge of BDSM.  But what about the total beginner? Is that person to be ignored? That is about to change. I had gotten a question from an absolute beginner. I think it is important these new lifestylers are given the benefit of the more experienced players’ knowledge. After all, … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster-“Insta-Collars”

Reader: I am a female submissive and am relatively new to BDSM. After our first meeting, a Dom I met at a party put a “temporary collar” on me. On our second meeting, he “collared me” and said he wants me to move in and serve him along with another slave. This makes me nervous and he sees it. I do not want to make him mad, but how can someone collar a submissive on the second … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster- Chastity

Reader:  I am a male Dom. My female slave and I have been discussing chastity belts for a while now, but do not know where to begin. Do you have any suggestions? I can understand your frustration. Lately the hot trend has been female Dommes and their chaste male slave(s). But that does not mean female chastity is any less exciting. Chastity, in general, is inching closer to … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster!

Model: Lady Valencia Shot by: DK @dk_88_la In our second installment of ASK BAADMASTER! I will be answering an important question – what are the legal consequences of marking a submissive.   Reader: I love it when my Domme marks me, like with a cane or a crop, but we’re both nervous about the legal ramifications. What if people see the marks? Should I hide them, and … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster!

Photo by slave boy julia ( And now for something completely different!  At least here on Up until now, I have written on topics that I felt were important to cover – at least in a general sense. And, based on response, these articles – and others here on – have been helpful in laying the groundwork on BDSM, D/s and kink in … [Read more...]