In our “Fifty Shades/Internet/New Guard” BDSM world, major changes are to be expected. Some, obviously, are good; others not so. And as long as we never lose an insistence on safety, we can examine the changes in an objective way – as opposed to a “get that ball out of my yard” blanket hatred of all things new. I like to spotlight those rituals, traditions and customs that … [Read more...]



When you first enter the BDSM lifestyle, you are like a kid in a candy store. There are so many BDSM activities to explore; how can anyone get bored around here? But, sooner or later, monotony will creep into almost all relationships -- from the most vanilla of vanilla to the most TPE of TPE. What is a couple to do? As much as I hate to admit it, it seems that the vanilla … [Read more...]

Are We All Switches?


With DomCon Los Angeles ( coming to the L.A. Hilton on the 9th of May, attendees will see an array of both Dom/me and subs – from 24/7 to weekend players. Thus it might be interesting to examine Dominance and submission from a completely different angle. Remember, this is my opinion and my opinion only! I think that, in our modern society, it is nearly impossible … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Corner: What Am I?


Everyone was a beginner once. And in order to welcome newbies into our community, I will, from time to time, write articles aimed at those who are entering the lifestyle. Like this one! I recently received a question that stated a newbie was intrigued by the lifestyle, but had no idea what she was – Domme, sub or switch. Or something else! By the question, it is clear that … [Read more...]