Hard Limits

One of the most exciting things about BDSM is “pushing limits.” I have written articles here on kinkweekly.com regarding boredom – that even BDSM can get boring. But “pushing limits” seems to be a wonderful anti-boredom prescription. In many D/s relationships, what was once a hard limit often becomes a favorite activity. D/s relationships are fluid, not static, interactions. … [Read more...]

Nature or Nuture

Much of what is written about this lifestyle concerns the underlying basis of Dominance and submission. Are they inherent or acquired characteristics? If they are acquired, how does one go about attaining them? Can anybody learn to be a Dominant or submissive or is it "in the genes?" Most of my observations here are the result of interviews with lifestylers I personally … [Read more...]

BDSM Burnout

As many of my readers know – and many here at kinkweekly.com – I am in a long-term D/s relationship. Although we are talking more than seven years, it has not been a totally smooth ride. As with all relationships, arguments, tension and boredom enter when you least expect them. That is the bad news. The good news is that – as opposed to vanilla dynamics – it is much easier to … [Read more...]

Old Guard, New Guard

Photographer: Matthias Wallmeier Model: Miss Fetilicious I have a friend in the BDSM community who has a blue and black flag tattooed on his arm. He always talks about how the newer folks in the BDSM scene don’t appreciate the “Old Guard Leather Societies” and have no “leather pride.”(Funny, he wasn’t around in the heyday of the Leatherman!) I nod in agreement but … [Read more...]


Brian Vox-http://www.voxart9.com/ In a previous edition of kinkweekly.com, Slave Bunny offered a terrific piece (http://www.kinkweekly.com/article-guest-author/rituals-part-2/ ) on rituals. Since rituals in BDSM are extremely important, I thought I might present some additional thoughts that illustrate how essential they are in our lifestyle. To paraphrase some football … [Read more...]