Ask Baadmaster-Fisting 101

As BDSM becomes more popular – especially among an edgier, more experimental crowd – the tendency is to try the untried. What is the last frontier?  That changes constantly. For example, today’s accepted tattoos would have gotten you a job in a circus a hundred years ago. Regardless, what still seems “on the cutting edge” is fisting.  The question: Reader:  Please elaborate … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster-Codependency

Reader: I have a question about how submissiveness and co-dependence coincide. Is there a dilemma between the two? Or are they basically one and the same? Is co-dependency inherently destructive as so many of my vanilla friends say? Baadmaster: Anti-BDSM forces often use the co-dependency argument in an attempt to make our lifestyle seem deviant or somehow wrong. Deviant we … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster-Online D/s

As BDSM becomes increasingly popular, and the Internet is available to all but a few hermit types living in Tristan da Cunha (Google it!), online D/s will be tempting to many. And one such lifestyler e-mailed me this query: Reader: I recently met a woman online, and I'm really attracted to her. We’ve Skyped and know we are who we say we are. But she lives many thousands of … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster- CBT

With the popularity of FLR (female led relationships), Fem Dommes and male submission, I would be remiss -- even if I am not in one – to ignore the following question.  Obviously, I am not an expert; but I can offer some broad suggestions that can ease this questioner’s entry into the world of CBT -- Cock and Ball Torture. Reader: I’ve heard so much about CBT, but am nervous … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster-Clips, Suction Cups, and More

Up until now, there has been a tendency to aim our articles toward people with a working knowledge of BDSM.  But what about the total beginner? Is that person to be ignored? That is about to change. I had gotten a question from an absolute beginner. I think it is important these new lifestylers are given the benefit of the more experienced players’ knowledge. After all, … [Read more...]