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Photo by slave boy julia ( And now for something completely different!  At least here on Up until now, I have written on topics that I felt were important to cover – at least in a general sense. And, based on response, these articles – and others here on – have been helpful in laying the groundwork on BDSM, D/s and kink in … [Read more...]


This article is intended for those of you who have been a Dom/me for a while. (If you are a newbie, I have written an article for new Doms: If you are interested in advanced D/s theory check out: ) Many of you have gotten to the “first plateau” in your … [Read more...]


Brian Vox- One of the most appealing aspects of our lifestyle is often polyamory. Having two – or even more -- subs or slaves can be very hot. That being said, by all accounts, these arrangements are usually the shortest lived of BDSM unions – especially for those who want a live-in and permanent relationship. As I am a male Dominant who has had a … [Read more...]

Shibari Made Easy

The title of this article, “Shibari Made Easy,” is really just a tease. Obviously, this would be more like, “Learn Brain Surgery In One Hour.” But now that I have your attention, I can help you have fun with rope bondage right out of the box! Here at, we have spotlighted a video on Shibari Yes, it … [Read more...]

Hard Limits

One of the most exciting things about BDSM is “pushing limits.” I have written articles here on regarding boredom – that even BDSM can get boring. But “pushing limits” seems to be a wonderful anti-boredom prescription. In many D/s relationships, what was once a hard limit often becomes a favorite activity. D/s relationships are fluid, not static, interactions. … [Read more...]