Body Mods and Suspensions


From time to time, I will answer questions that I think are important to answer. Here is one of them: “I am a newbie and recently went to the Folsom Street Fair. I saw a group of “performers” doing all sorts of body pain-related acts -- like stapling things to themselves, putting needles through their cheeks and flesh hook suspensions. But it made me wonder: What does this … [Read more...]

The Violet Wand


Here at Kink Weekly we aim to spotlight different forms of BDSM play. Not only will this prevent boredom – which can happen no matter how adventurous you are – but this will also introduce (or re-intoduce) you to different forms of play you might have overlooked. In a previous article we examined electrical play using the TENS unit. In this week’s installment, we will spotlight … [Read more...]


An examples of light bruising on anniebear's booty.

I have covered marking in a previous Kink Weekly article. But it is one thing to discuss marking from a technical point of view; it is quite another to examine it from a relationship or emotional perspective. Recently, I was asked the following question that is a real life concern and not simply a technical question: “I have a submissive who loves to get marked. Lately, … [Read more...]

Slave Contracts v. 2017


This article might be the most important one you will ever read. Hyperbole? Maybe. But with the latest frenzy regarding sexual harassment, we should re-examine our “slave contracts” and try to make them as bulletproof as possible. (Disclaimer: I am not an attorney; this article was written with the help of a Harvard-educated lawyer. Since laws vary from jurisdiction to … [Read more...]



With a lot of new kinksters entering this lifestyle, many of them Millennials, putting a home dungeon together can be quite expensive. And if you live in a city that does not have a commercial dungeon, then one would have to figure out a way to get the feel of a BDSM play space economically. Thus this article. The key to any cost-effective home dungeon is being inventive. … [Read more...]