Marking in BDSM

An example of very heavy bruising or "marking"

“Marking,” in our lifestyle, is a very broad term. It can refer to the temporary marks of the cane, it might mean writing something like “Master’s Slave” with a Sharpie or it could mean a tattoo or brand of ownership. The technicalities of all three differ widely; but the implications of all of them are quite similar. Temporary markings are usually caused by the use of a … [Read more...]

I Won’t Do That!

Regrets wrong doing. Man having a duh moment

From time to time I answer questions here that I find intriguing. Here is one of them, asked by a female submissive: “I met a Dom on the Internet. He is awesome. But he is very high protocol. At first I liked all aspects of it. I am now starting find it too confining and am beginning to dread the all-encompassing aspects of it. One more ritual and I think I will lose it. I … [Read more...]

Bastinado: Foot Caning


As we noted in last week’s installment on fisting, we are kink weekly – thus we cover all aspects of debauchery. One kinky play – and one that has a very shallow learning curve while being incredibly effective – is the “bastinado.” Bastinado was originally a Spanish word for the act of caning, in the literal sense of beating with a stick or similar implement. It is … [Read more...]

Fisting 101

The hand shows thumbs up

Since we are Kink Weekly, we cover all facets of kink. One popular feature is vaginal and anal fisting. Technically, this does not necessarily fall into the category of BDSM; kinky vanilla couples do it. Still, as it does have both pain and pleasure aspects, it can be part of any D/s or S/m scene. At the legendary Los Angeles dungeon, the Lair de Sade, I was asked the … [Read more...]

Domination Without Humiliation


With the proliferation of Pro Dommes on the Internet, one would think Domination always entails humiliation. Granted, the Pro Domme community might be the one group that is keeping the traditional protocols of BDSM alive – surely the “Fifty Shades” Millennials are not doing it. Nevertheless, to the casual observer, it would appear that humiliation is an integral part of all Fem … [Read more...]