Mistress Devore shot by Danny Stygion This article can be filed under "controversial" and "opinion" because it falls into both categories. You can also file it under "important," because I think it is essential to objectively examine the practice of Dominants placing submissives "under their protection." Although the “New Guard” has made the “protection racket” less … [Read more...]

Submissive Dilemmas

Gold Mine: Golden Whispers  [Self-Portrait by Domina Mara, featuring AV] Last week’s article, right here on, was about Dom/me dilemmas. One of our readers, bossynblunt, asked, “Can you write a piece like this for s-types?” Sounded like a good idea, so here goes. I will present this in two parts – the first part will discuss slave contracts. This will … [Read more...]


Last week, right here on, I offered newbie Dom/mes fifteen tips.  But what about the more experienced among you? Many of you have gotten to a more advanced phase in your BDSM journey. It is at precisely this stage, when you know a lot but still have some questions, that you might need some pointers. These are issues that you might not want to talk to fellow … [Read more...]

Tips for New Dom/mes

Mistress Eva- Last week’s edition of featured a great video, “The Top Five Myths About BDSM.” Our editors stated, “We highly recommend beginners watch this video.” Since there are many new people entering our lifestyle, and everyone was a beginner once, I wanted to expand on this theme. And voila! Here are my Top Fifteen … [Read more...]

Submissives Who Work

I was recently involved in a discussion group that intrigued me. The topic: Dom/mes that work out of their home. As a writer and an Internet consultant, I work “out of my house”; thus, this topic is very personal. Here is the question (paraphrased) and my answer. “My Master works out of our house. I have a regular 9-5 job, which I had before we met; we both agreed to me … [Read more...]