Collars: Another Perspective

Vondage locking buckling collar by Stockroom

Collars. In our DomConLA presentation, “Old Guard vs. New Guard,” we all agreed that, with the fashionistas’ adoption of the collar as a style, the meaning of the BDSM collar has been diluted. Or has it? Maybe it has lost its meaning to the outside world – wearing a slave collar will not shock the world anymore -- yet the most important aspect of the collar still remains. … [Read more...]

Old Guard vs. New Guard II

red leather

Read Part One here. As we approach our panel discussion, “Old Guard vs. New Guard,” that will be presented at DomCon LA, May 20th at 4:30 PM (Dexx will participate, so mark your calendar), I would like to review what the basic precepts are for both groups. As with any analysis of cultural traditions, there are many forms of each group. For example, there are the original … [Read more...]

Back to Basics

The hand shows thumbs up

Sometimes it is useful to get back to basics. Whether it is the fictional Rocky Balboa revisiting his old gym or an experienced BDSM lifestyler reflecting on the bedrock that he/she has built his/her knowledge on, it is often inspiring to revisit the fundamentals from time to time. In this installment, we will look at the basic practices of our lifestyle with … [Read more...]

“Coca-Cola Dominance”


Definition: “Coca-Cola Dominance.” In a D/s relationship, when a Dominant asks only for behavior that the submissive would do anyway. I had touched on the “Coca-Cola Dominance” question in a previous article, "Does being in love diminish a Dom/me's power?" In theory, love does make the Dom/me less likely to release the sub and thus diminishes the … [Read more...]


girl in hood

In our BDSM, kinky world, mummification refers to the complete immobilization of the bottom. Although, in this article, I will describe “saran wrap” mummification, technology has given us other tools for this type of play – most notably vacuum body bags. Although vacuum play renders the bottom immobile and is rather effective from a play point of view, the saran wrap variety is … [Read more...]