The Punishment Manual Part II


In “The Punishment Manual, Part I,” we outlined the use of physical punishment in the training of a submissive or a slave. But, as I said, that is only half the story. The true aim of punishment is to imprint your displeasure on the sub’s mind so that he/she will not repeat the offense.  So ultimately all punishment has at its core a mental aspect to it. In this second part … [Read more...]

The Punishment Manual – Part I


Most D/s articles on the Internet talk about punishment in terms of spanking. “If you do not obey, I will spank you.” But how does this work if the submissive or slave actually likes to be spanked? Here we will catalogue punishments you can actually use in the real time training of a slave/submissive. This will be one of my longest articles. But I wanted to start the year off … [Read more...]

To Top or Not To Top


As the New Year is close at hand, I wanted to end the year answering some readers’ questions. Rather than write in the abstract, responding to real life questions makes it so much more personal. Here is a question that, I think, everyone in the lifestyle – from beginner to expert -- has pondered. Every time I ask my Dom for something -- like a McDonald's hamburger -- or make … [Read more...]



Although New Years Eve is a couple of weeks away, it creeps up on you faster than a Ninja on speed. I remember when Prince was singing about 1999, I thought 2000 would never come. I was so wrong. Soon it will be 2018. Thus I will submit my usual New Years Resolutions a little early. I will skip the ones that everyone makes and usually ignore - to go to the gym, … [Read more...]