Model: Lady Valencia Shot by: DK @dk_88_la I could tell the whole drive back to the apartment how badly she wanted to know what was waiting for her, but I had to give her credit for not asking. There was a wistful, thoughtful expression on her face as we turned off the freeway, down one residential street and then another, and she bit her lip in a way that I found … [Read more...]

Strike A Pose

“Yeah, right,” Liz snorted from the other side of the coffee shop, staring at the screen of her laptop. The noise caught Rick’s attention and interest, but he wasn’t curious enough to get up from his own seat. He was in the groove on the game he was playing, and his mocha was at that perfect temperature between scalding and ice cold that made it drinkable. As much as he … [Read more...]

Writer’s Block

“Not right now, Pet,” he said as she slid up behind him, her hands reaching out to his hunched shoulders. He had always carried his stress there, and she could read him well enough to know when he needed to relax. He had awoken before her, and had been perched over his laptop at least since she had gotten out of bed three hours ago. She knew better than to bother him while … [Read more...]


Brian Vox- Dances at geek conventions are a very mixed bag. Put several hundred socially awkward nerds in a room together with loud music and alcohol and one of two things will happen. Either everyone will sit quietly huddled together with the few other people they know, trying to talk over the music, or enough people will overcome their … [Read more...]


“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she smoothed her skirt back in place, having revealed what was beneath to him. He smiled in response. “Yes, you can. You absolutely believe it. I can see that you believe it, because your skin is flushed, your breathing is heavy, and I can make out your nipples through your shirt. You one-hundred percent believe you’re doing … [Read more...]