The Ethics Of Talking About Our Problems

One of the things I love about my local community is how active the Telegram network is.  I see this as both wonderful and full of potential pitfalls. We have the opportunity to get to know each other really well and have split off groups for specific interests - foodies, gamers, littles, pets, crafters, poly people, kink-adjacent vending, an event hub, and more additional … [Read more...]


She waited eagerly in the empty house, wiggling and giggling to herself in anticipation every so often. Daddy was due home from work soon, and she just knew they were going to have fun as soon as he opened that door. She knew because she had stacked the deck. It was a lovely day, the kind of day that started off chilly, then got unexpectedly warm right around 2 in the … [Read more...]

Taking Space: How Much Is Too Much

Disagreements happen. Sometimes they require one or othe other person to take some space.  Processing emotions can take some time. But where is the line between taking time to process and just giving up? For me, I need a few hours.  I get that this is a pretty short span.  If someone tries to blow past that and force a conversation before I'm ready or while I'm still … [Read more...]

No Flirting With Hostility

Having poly aspects to a D/s dynamic can be an interesting balancing act. I'm on what may end up being permanent hiatus from my own poly adventures, but Santa, being the dapper and charming fellow that He is, often gets requests to play with others.  I'm sure it would be even worse if He wore the suit. I have no demands as far as who He does and does not play with, as … [Read more...]

But What I Want She Gets

It's so easy to look at what someone else has and believe it is what we need to find happiness.  I see it all the time.  It can be as simple as wishing you'd ordered what someone else was served at a lunch meeting, or as painful and potentially relationship-damaging as constantly envying metamours for the kind of attention or time they are getting from a mutual … [Read more...]