What’s In A Name?

You know what they say about saying never. Well, I swore I would never call a man Daddy. For the majority of my relationships that felt right to me. "Who's your Daddy?" Was met with my standard response which never failed to amuse me: "bunny's father." When Santa and I opened up our relationship to kinky play and it subsequently evolved into a (then) bedroom only … [Read more...]

But Submissives Aren’t The Dangerous Ones, Right?

Consent violations. We dread hearing about the next one to happen in our community.  Those poor submissives and bottoms have really got to look out for predators in the community, stick together. But what happens when the violator isn’t the top? What if a bottom withholds pertinent information from a top because they want to punish or out of a selfish desire to get … [Read more...]

Anatomy Of A Blowjob

It always begins with lips. Wet lips part and envelop the head, but only the head at first.  I need more moisture to go farther. My tongue ripples against the underside, and it becomes lubricated enough to slide a little farther across my tongue.  It  presses closer to my throat with every motion.  First in, straining to fully embed, then back out again. As I get … [Read more...]

Unitentional Meta-toge

I’ve come to realize in the last few months that some of the greatest challenges of poly are the things that are completely outside of my control and the control of my nesting partner.  What is there to do when you work hard at building open communication and trust with someone only to have it quietly undone by a partner’s other partner, albeit unintentionally? Backing … [Read more...]

Stealing Credit: I’m Proud Of You

"I'm proud of you," the voice of my soon-to-be-ex-husband praised me. I stared at the phone dispassionately.  Was he really going to have the nerve to say those words to me right before our divorce was finalized? I hung up the phone shortly afterwards, and I could feel fury begin to grow inside of me.  But why was I so thoroughly angry at one small sentence? "I'm proud … [Read more...]