Communication 101: Be Honest With Yourself

Communication is a tricky beast.  You can't communicate your feelings with someone else if you haven't taken the time to process them and be honest with yourself. I say again for the people in the back:  you can't be honest with a partner or partners if you lie to yourself. We have strange relationships with feelings in our society.  We like to believe some feelings are … [Read more...]

No One’s Ex Owns The Scene

I've tried to write this piece before.  Unfortunately, it is hard to talk about things which upset us when we are still emotional.  So this took some time. We all have ex-people.  Maybe it is an ex-friend, an ex-play partner, an ex-lover, spouse, whatever.  Some relationship stopped moving forward for all of us and we walked away or were left behind.  Maybe we get along fine … [Read more...]

Accepting the Humanity In Our Community

We all understand that we are imperfect creatures.  Whatever this mysterious "perfection" is, it is nothing attainable by humans.  Our art will not be exactly symmetrical, our live music will be flawed in some manner, and even our bodies are not reflective from one half to the other. Yet we find beauty in symmetry, both in nature and in each other.  We hold up examples of … [Read more...]

Lawnmower Man

Her fingers worked against her own swollen slickness, faster then slower as she tried to reach orgasm.  Frustrated, she repositioned to her stomach, shoving her arm underneath her body to begin again. Her clitoris was completely engorged, and she flicked desperately at it with her fingers, legs spread and ass elevated slightly as she moaned. It was driving her crazy.  She … [Read more...]

Factory Fuck

The woman leaned forward slightly over her crossed legs, interest flickering across her expression.  "So you're saying you'd be interested in touring and possibly investing in our humble little operation, Mr..." "Smith,"  came the response. "Yes, of course," she said with a professional smile.  She had learned long ago to school her expressions, and managed to keep her … [Read more...]