STI’s and Immunodeficiency

I see educational posts about STI's every now and again.  I think that education is excellent.  While I'm no expert, I think the current method of showing video slides of worse-case outbreaks is the kind of public information that can really hurt people.  Yes, that's what my now-21-year-old reported as his sex-ed from high school. So my main concern when reading such … [Read more...]

Polyfidelity Problems

There is a long-lasting standoff in the BDSM about monogamy versus polyamory.  Some people who prefer monogamy feel pressured into polyamorous models by their partners, and some who prefer poly structures can be pressured into monogamy.  Based on my observations, these attempts usually end badly.  When resentment is a key component in a relationship, it deteriorates.  It cannot … [Read more...]

Relationship Stats

I am often inspired by snippets of conversation or a phrase, which once uttered, drive my brain in circles until I chase the thought to its completion.  This time, Daddy and I were talking about successful relationships. Superbowl being a thing, I laughed that if we were talking sports, my stats would be pretty terrible.  Of the more serious relationships in my lifetime of … [Read more...]

Communication: All The Moments

Communication, communication, communication. We hear that word so much in the Kink Community it is a wonder we aren't all sick to death of talking about talking.  The problem is, do we really talk about it?  Do we really teach others how to do it?  Or do we, instead, say the word and assume that is enough?  You have to communicate better.  Lesson learned.  Why didn't I think … [Read more...]

NRE: Sink or Swim

Photography by Mistress Laurent NRE. New Relationship Energy. Chemically, it is the potent mix of adrenaline and endorphins and and all of the other happy juice that hits first when we first develop attraction to another person, then when that attraction begins to deepen into the first stages of a relationship.  When it hits in a particularly strong … [Read more...]