My Night With Hades. (Yes, THAT Hades.)

Now and then I’m asked what my fantasies are. I usually say that I go out and live the things I want to do. I write fantasies for other people to dream about. But there is this… “Not a sound this time. You will suffer in silence for me,” Hades said, reaching for four clothespins. Angling them in on either side of my nipples, behind the areola, he forced the sensitive … [Read more...]

The Aftercare Lie

Now and then I will share one of the lies I wrote about in my 50 Lies Told to New People About BDSM book. They make good topics for articles since they’re already fairly bite sized. They also deal with issues I see on a daily basis on kink-based social websites or groups. Today I’m going to present two that go hand in hand and apply to both private and public play. A … [Read more...]

Excerpt from TylerRose.’s book Purgatory

He sat to wait and sip his bourbon, having no doubt she would come to him. He’d heard her door close half the hour earlier. As he was getting a refill, two raps on the door stopped his heart. Okay, so he had been anticipating her more than he’d previously admitted. A breath to calm himself and he opened the door to find her more lovely than ever he’d seen. Except, perhaps, … [Read more...]

Stoicism Is Not a Gauntlet Thrown Down

“I don’t make noise and I don’t react much.”   I have learned to say this to tops, on the rare occasions that I get to receive a spanking or flogging. I usually receive perplexed blinking and confused expressions in return.   What do you mean you don’t make noise? I find that hard to believe. Sure you don’t. If you say … [Read more...]

Birthday Girl

She took a deep breath outside the door, the cold drizzle of a February rain causing a puffy cloud to stream out. She could walk away now, chicken out and go home and pretend she’d never gotten gussied up and left the house. Or she could push the buzzer. The little white rectangle stood out from the plate on the side of the doorway. A giant tooth ready to bite, or a sleek … [Read more...]