Birthday Girl

She took a deep breath outside the door, the cold drizzle of a February rain causing a puffy cloud to stream out. She could walk away now, chicken out and go home and pretend she’d never gotten gussied up and left the house. Or she could push the buzzer. The little white rectangle stood out from the plate on the side of the doorway. A giant tooth ready to bite, or a sleek … [Read more...]

Turning Around An Awkward Evening

Photography by Mistress Laurent I'm the world's most socially awkward sadomasochist nympho slut. I freely admit it. I find small talk and mindless chit chat difficult and boring. I don't go from person to person, trying to make conversation until I finally strike gold. I'm more the "let's play first, then we'll talk after the ice is well and truly broken" type. Either … [Read more...]

Excerpt from Peeper The following is an excerpt from my novel PEEPER, which won the 2012 Bondage Award for Best Bondage Story. (To read the entire novel: Https:// Jacek’s cloak went down again and a lesson began in how to properly stretch a hard-used slave. Preece named every muscle, described how it was being activated, where it … [Read more...]

The Quandary of Trust

Model: Domina Mara Taken by: Domina Mara There is a contingent of kinksters who are adamant that one should never play with any top without getting references beforehand. Aside from being impractical when you’re at the dungeon and meeting for the first time, giving the name of someone I’ve played with to a stranger is a complete breach of their privacy and anonymity. I … [Read more...]

An Excerpt from Peeper Indomitable

Reah woke in a comfortably warm bed, enveloped in the softness of the blanket with her head gently cradled on a delightful pillow. Her eyes opened to see Moros leaning up on an elbow, watching her. He smiled, an expression she still wasn’t accustomed to seeing from him. “You’re quite angelic when you sleep. No one would ever guess you shot a man through the eye with an arrow … [Read more...]