The Truth About Your Privacy At Public Events

If you go to a munch, or other event, your privacy is assured. There was a writing I saw on a Fet site, of people getting all up in arms because someone attending a munch told other people in the restaurant what the group was about.  Seems people thought that a public munch, in a public restaurant, on a public street, somehow afforded them anonymity and personal … [Read more...]

Riding the Pole—Ties

“I think you need more of the attention I used to give you,” he said. “Far more of my hands before the satisfaction of my cock.” “That could be—” His hand strong over her mouth silenced her. “That required no response from you.” He felt her energy jolt and sizzle against his. A few words, a small action, and he had almost total control over her. His hands slid down … [Read more...]

How To Be A Dom For Him on His Birthday

This is a simple guide intended for all those subbie/bottom chicks who have a sorta switchie/kinda dom boyfriend who has asked you to "dom" him for a night. I know. He wants this but you have no idea what to do. And that huge group for submissive women is no help whatsoever because no one in it is allowed to speak from a top perspective. (Seriously, this is why you should be … [Read more...]

No Bed Required – A Tiny Taste of Peeper Indomitable

She dropped her skin dress to the floor, stepping over to Moray and his thick, dark layer of fur. She ran her fingers over his chest, watching the hair disappear under her hand. It was soft, like nothing she’d felt before. Thinking back over it, almost none of the men she’d been with had much body hair. She liked how it felt against her breasts when he pulled her … [Read more...]

The Bratting Lies

Lies Regarding Brats, As Told By Brats As I have done before, this week I’ll be sharing a piece of my 50 Lies Told to New People about BDSM book. Today it’s brats and bratty behavior. The lies are: 33. Bratting is totally normal and acceptable behavior. 33a. Everyone has to tolerate brats. 33b. If Doms don’t like brats, they’re weak and don’t know how to handle a … [Read more...]