BDSM Basics-An Intro To Pet Play

Curious about how to unleash the animal within? Pet play or human animal role play is an excellent means of getting into a different and unique headspace and learning more about oneself. No matter what animal with which you find you identify, there are plenty of ways to bring your fantasies to life.   Benefits   One of the benefits of pet play … [Read more...]

BDSM Basics: Cathartic Scenes

What is a Cathartic Scene? In the context of BDSM play, a cathartic scene is one wherein the players achieve a certain level of emotional release (catharsis) from the giving and receiving of pain and sharing in a power exchange dynamic. Often times, this will involve pushing against boundaries and soft or hard limits provided that fully informed consent has been given … [Read more...]

BDSM Basics: Scene Negotiation

Playing Out Loud One of the most rewarding and fun aspects of BDSM is that of power exchange. Giving and receiving that degree of trust and vulnerability is sacred and the responsibilities that comes along with this exchange are not to be taken lightly. You may have witnessed scenes before where it would seem as if words are wholly unnecessary or that the players just know … [Read more...]