This week in kink, February 20th, 2017


Locally, here in Los Angeles, one of our main dungeons Threshold is holding their annual board elections. Apparently there are many positions opening up so lots of opportunity for those interested to apply. Submission candidate statements are due by March 12th and can be sent to Five board positions needs to be filled including: Coordinator, Assistant … [Read more...]

Part Three: Interview with Author Ernest Greene, Master of O


You can read parts one and two here. Ernest Greene continues discussing how he cam to write his book, Master of O. Obviously, there was some interesting writing to be had on this subject, but I guess I kept on reading other kinds of BDSM fiction and I just wasn’t finding anything much that felt real. I would say Jean de Berg’s “The Image” had that feeling and right so, as … [Read more...]

Event Review: Rockachic hosts My Kinky Valentine


On Saturday night I was fortunate to attend Rockachic's "My Kinky Valentine" play party in Los Angeles. There are many “underground” or less publicized events happening in Los Angeles, being that it’s such a huge market for kink and BDSM. Rockachic has been quietly producing events for some time now. Best known for providing models and costumes for Snctm events, in recent … [Read more...]

This week in kink, February 13th, 2017

heart love stones in the quarry

The news this week is full of Fifty Shades of Gray due to the second installment hitting theaters. I'm pleased to announce it currently has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and The Guardian reports that it was dominated by Lego Batman. I also would like to wish a Happy Valentines day to everyone! Even if you think it's a silly holiday, anything that promotes love and harmony is ok in my … [Read more...]

Part Two: Interview with Author Ernest Greene, Master of O

"Master of O" book cover

Read Part One here! Dexx: So last night you won an award. Fetish Film of the Year? Ernest Greene: Actually it was for body of work from the L.A. Fetish Film Festival. Nina: It’s the Legacy Award. Ernest Green: It’s for the “millions” of fetish films I’ve made. I’ve made a lot of them but I still think it’s under seven digits. Nina: For the longest time you were … [Read more...]