This week in kink, January 15, 2018


Tips from a real dominatrix on how to be dominant in the bedroom? Yes Please! Click here to read more.  Whether you are trying BDSM for the first time or a seasoned veteran. You may have some things to learn here. For shits and giggles, lets take a quiz shall we. I constantly find myself trapped in the endless stream of mindless garbage on the internet. Then I came … [Read more...]

This week in kink, January 1, 2018


Audio porn - growing in popularity, has been taking a share of the internet porn audience over the last couple of years. For those who are titilated and delighted by the sounds of sex instead of the visuals are sure to find this link a treat. Click here. This article gives you the top audio porn sites from phone sex to erotic novels. Indulge! College students are getting … [Read more...]

This week in kink, December 18, 2017


Christmas is the time for spankings! We stumbled across this article that showcases a fabulous gallery of spanking. Click here to see 74 Pics of Xmas Spankings at the Tom of Finland House. Here is one of our favs as a teaser. Hot! Could free online porn be a victim of the Net Neutrality? Its not surprising that there has been a huge uproar lately about this much … [Read more...]

This week in kink, December 11, 2017


A couple weeks ago we highlighted a studio that was combining yoga and kink. This week we have a Dominatrix who is combining her love of fitness with BDSM to create kinky exercises classes. Click Here to read the whole article. New BDSM Club alert!!! Okay, we don't mean that kind of club. Actually its a college level club at the Princeton. "Princeton Plays is now even … [Read more...]

This week in kink, December 3, 2017


Los Angeles, CA - Friday, December 8th, Mistress Cyan will be warming the holidays and a lot of butts with her annual “Slave Auction”  toy drive for charity. If you haven't been to a Slave Auction before, Mistress Cyan puts on quite the little treat. Stop by and you're sure to enjoy what Sanctuary LAX has to offer. Read all about it here. Want to win a flogger AND … [Read more...]