How To Really Listen


Good communication starts with listening. In the lifestyle, we talk a lot about the importance of good communication skills. What do good communication skills entail? A lot of things. One of the most important of them all is being able to really listen. While listening skills are often overlooked in a relationship, they are one of the most critical aspects of … [Read more...]

Masters as Leaders

Hand of bodybuilder

Let’s start off with the question: What is leadership? It is probably easier to say what it’s not! In fact, leadership, although largely talked about, is often described as one of the least understood concepts across cultures and civilizations. Over the years, many have stressed the prevalence of this misunderstanding, stating that the existence of myths concerning … [Read more...]

Problem Resolution

poly hands

The basic process of problem resolution in a structured relationship is not very different from that in a vanilla relationship. However, the structural components of the relationship may add another layer of complexity. While the means are often the same, as we will see the tools may be different. Let us look at a few examples. Relationship dynamics and structure In … [Read more...]

The Active and Passive Roles of a slave


How do We/we manage them together? Consensual slaves derive a significant amount of security and reward from being directly supervised by their Masters. Because it is rewarding for both Master and slave to share in intimate and complementary forms of service, this interdependence constitutes the basis of the dynamic in many Master/slave relationships. But on occasions where … [Read more...]

Connection and Creativity In Play and S&M


While bluntly obvious when expressed “black on white,” it took me a while to realize that S&M and play is not about the techniques or the toys we use. Rather, for me it’s a way to establish connection and to express our creative side, creating a deeper and meaningful shared experience. One of my strong slaves used to carry a big toy bag whenever we went to a play party. … [Read more...]