The Truth About O-Here At Last!

First, my thanks to those who have continued to inquire about and wait patiently for my long-promised novel to appear. Most of the delay was occasioned by technical problems setting up the website to sell it and transact the purchases. I’m happy to report that those hurdles have been cleared.  You can now by a full PDF copy of The Truth About O at for … [Read more...]

Master of O: Business Hours

The recollection of that day that had prompted Steven’s call and O’s rather nervous appearance before Constance’s desk. She showed O into Steven’s chambers and left quickly. Steven got up from his desk to pull O into his tight embrace, kissed her hard and long, his hand gliding down her spine to grip her backside. With no small talk first, he ordered her to strip. Today he had … [Read more...]

Erotica: Master of O, Chapter Five

The strobe power packs beeped and popped when O test-fired the big Leica. For an instant, a brilliant flare from the lights on the umbrella stands illuminated the center of the darkened studio. O, dressed in a plain, black bra top, black tights and red, knee-high Doc Martens, stood next to the small, torso-shaped iron cage dangling from the ceiling on a long chain and studied … [Read more...]

Erotica: Poker Night at Master of O’s

The next time he called, Steven instructed O to put on full makeup “as slutty as possible,” and present herself at his place at nine-thirty p.m. When O arrived, she found the large table covered in green felt and set up for blackjack, with decks of guilt-edged playing cards and stacks of clay chips. The sight made O’s stomach flutter. As usual, Steven (dressed tonight in a … [Read more...]

Erotica: Master of O, Two

Read chapter one here. CHAPTER TWO “I have no idea whether this makes sense or not,” Steven told O, “but I’m going to find out. Get undressed. I’ll be back in a few minutes. This is where I want to find you.” Steven turned and vanished down alongside the glass wall. Steven’s outsize bedroom, on the other side of a sturdy wall he’d built from where he pictured … [Read more...]