A Hungry Girl-Part 1

We had been talking for months, but busy schedules, logistics and travel time had kept us from connecting. There is something about anticipation though; the craving, and the build up that makes even the wait enjoyable. I definitely could not wait to see them. I had confessed a while back that it had been months and months (and months) since I had been touched by anyone … [Read more...]

Sometimes I’m A Kitty Cat

I snuggled into my Daddy’s chest. Twirled his chest hair in my fingers. There’s so much I love about being with Daddy. Playing games, singing, being silly, taking cares of him (cause little ones know how to do that really good). Bedtime is when we would  talk most sweetly to each other; he made me feel so very safe. I could tell him anything that was in my head and he would … [Read more...]

Girl Across The Bar

I lean into our kiss, pushing her gently against the wall of the room. Hands gliding slowly over her body. She's already moaning into my mouth. She puts her hands through my hair, grazes them over my breasts, my nipples hardening under her gentle touch. My mind flips to earlier when I watched her from across the hotel bar. Watched her closely as she took the glass and … [Read more...]

First Impressions- Tips for a Good Fet Profile

Hall of Frames: Hallway Rear  [Self-Portrait by Domina Mara] For a long time I felt there was part of me that was unfulfilled.  I knew that my thoughts and desires were different than the mainstream. I knew what I craved, but felt so alone in it. To help me gain some insight, I started doing research to learn more about fetishes and kink. After a while, I stumbled across … [Read more...]

Kinky Shopping

I don’t always love shopping for new clothes. I find it boring and an exercise in frustration. Shopping for new lingerie, however, is something entirely different. I love lace and silk and garters and pretty panties. With this in mind, we walked into the mall hand in hand and headed straight for the lingerie shop. You followed me closely as I touched fabric and browsed the … [Read more...]