Oh, Because They Are Hot!

"Oh, Because  They are Hot!" I know, I know here he goes again, but this is something that will really make you think about play, what you are willing to let someone do to you, and why you are letting them doing it to you. Now, I am writing this from the s-type’s side of things because I mostly identify that way and this seems to affect us more due to control and power … [Read more...]

How About A Little Personal Responsibility Here?

I am going to start this off by dispelling some rumors, and I am sure people may get upset with me, but oh well. So be it. We all came to like kink because we "Chose" to participate. I know, what a concept, right? I know you are all nodding your heads right now. Now, here is where I get myself into trouble. Whatever role you decided to be was a "Choice". Don't make me bold … [Read more...]