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I hear this “debate” discussed all over the place. From private party conversations to munches to support groups. If you’re single (or poly) and dating – do you even bother opening yourself up to the vanilla population? Or stick only to your own kind in the kink world? The first question you should ask yourself is how important is kink in your life? For some, kink is … [Read more...]

Little vs. Babygirl

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So before you read this article you may want to read through my last article on my definition of littles. I emphasize “my definition” because this is a very personal topic and different people will identify or define it differently. For the purposes of this article I will reiterate that I view littles as more of a regression – when in their “little” headspace. Please feel … [Read more...]

Playing with Littles

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First, before you play with one, you may be curious as to what a “little” is. I am going to give you the more widely accepted definition/explanation for what a little is. Although there are some that may define things differently. Some will define being a little as being completely separate from age-play, for example. I will do my best to explain it how I have come to … [Read more...]

Honest Communication in BDSM

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You’ve seen the memes that list it and perhaps heard the stand-up comedians joke about it. You can search for “things women say and what they really mean” and find a ton of pages and links. Here’s a list from that cover most of my “favorites”: #1. Fine. This is the word used to end an argument when she is right and you better shut up. … [Read more...]

We Are Human First


This article is about consent and negotiation and mistakes and hindsight. It’s about personal responsibility and compassion. There are reasons I don’t do pick up play and why I like to be at least friends with someone before I do a scene with them. When you play as a bottom you are trusting someone with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being for a certain amount … [Read more...]