s-types: Knowing the Other Side

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For anyone out there who has taken the second class of my BDSM 101 class series, this topic will be familiar. I teach this concept as it is related to both sides of the slash. This article, however, will focus just on s-types. When I first came into the BDSM community I identified as 100% submissive. My intro to kink was via kinky things in the bedroom as I started to … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Support Your Local BDSM Community

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Here are 5 reasons to support your local BDSM Community: 1) If you are new I highly suggest you get out and start by attending classes and munches. Even if a class topic doesn’t particularly interest you I still suggest going if you can. No matter what, you will learn new things, meet new people, or perhaps run into people you’ve met at previous classes and/or munches, etc. … [Read more...]

Cause of Triggers During Play

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Triggers are things that should be acknowledged in a relationship and are one of the things we look at especially when we are going to play. This article can't cover all the specific triggers you may or may not have, however, it will cover what various things can cause a trigger. You can be triggered in a positive way as well - which is lovely and not in need of an article! … [Read more...]

Event Review: Kink Weekly Launch Party


So it’s been a little over a week since the Kink Weekly launch party happened. I must admit, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. It was in partnership with a new event brand called Lovely Fate so honestly, anything was possible. I had never been to the venue before and wasn’t privy to too many details beforehand. I was, however, very much looking forward to it. Both for … [Read more...]

The Bruise “Trophy”

An examples of light bruising on anniebear's booty.

We see the pictures all over Fetlife. Beautiful bruised bums… or backs…. or inner thighs… the list goes on. We gawk and smile, comment and “love”. While I, too, can admire marks left over from a fun, intense scene – and even be proud and look for bruises and marks on my own body, there are a couple of things I want to point out. One issue is that everyone marks … [Read more...]