Different Levels of Protocol


I’ve written before about protocol – but this article is to go into the subject a little further.  I want to talk about different levels of protocol.  Low (or everyday) protocol, medium protocol, and high protocol.  Keep in mind that one person’s “medium” can be another person’s “high” or someone else’s “low”. Also, some D/s relationships may choose to maintain medium or high … [Read more...]

Is is Normal for a Person Transitioning From Vanilla to Kink to…?


This article is in response to a reader inquiry.  I will be doing my best to reply based on the information given but if I could I would ask a few questions first. To start off I will post the original question: “My girlfriend is more experienced at BDSM and I still get jealous when her fans worship. She tells me she is mine and I need to be more confident - it's rough … [Read more...]

My First Play Party


I get asked by friends all the time, “Jenn, don’t you get tired of teaching the same basic stuff over and over?” To that I say no.  The reason I don’t get tired of what I do is for many reasons.  I am giving info and providing opportunities that I wished I’d had when I was new, seeing people discover new things makes my heart super happy, and staying in touch with new folks … [Read more...]

Telling Them You’re Kinky


So you’re single and ready to mingle. You’ve been out there in the dating pool a day, a month, a year, 10 years…. doesn’t matter.  Starting to date people you meet at kink events (munches, classes, parties, etc.) is easy when it comes to letting them know you’re kinky because you simply don’t have to.  However, what about people you meet in the vanilla world? I realize it’s … [Read more...]

Creating Your Identity


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not referring to how you identify in terms of D/s roles, gender or sexual orientation.  This article is about forming your online identity when you enter the world of kink and creating your name and online profile on Fetlife (or other online forum). This is inspired from two separate reader questions (one on kinkweekly and another sent to me … [Read more...]