Talking to Your Doctor About BDSM


Kink Weekly came across this article about discussing your involvement in BDSM with your healthcare professional. Essentially the article states that many kinksters are receiving inadequate care or not seeing their doctors when they should due to a fear of judgement when it comes to their lifestyle. Another reason the article states is that they fear that the doctor will … [Read more...]


Headphones on microphone stand, professional studio

Meta-communication or metacommunication, is a secondary communication (including indirect cues) about how a piece of information is meant to be interpreted. It is based on idea that the same message accompanied by different meta-communication can mean something entirely different, including its opposite, as in irony. The term was brought to prominence by Gregory Bateson to … [Read more...]

Maintaining Connection in a Power Exchange

BDSM slave

When two people are in a power exchange dynamic, sometimes staying connected requires some creativity. These days most people are very busy. So what are some ways to maintain that feeling of connection and power exchange when vanilla life and schedules get in the way? Many of the ideas I lay out in this article can be used in different situations. Let’s start with an … [Read more...]

D-type and s-type Fluid

red leather

So you may or may not have heard the term “gender fluid”. This refers to a person who may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders (male and female), but may feel more male some days, and more female other days. This concept came up in one of my classes in a different way. We were discussing one student who knew she identified as an s-type, however, wasn’t … [Read more...]

Kink Converter


I hear this “debate” discussed all over the place. From private party conversations to munches to support groups. If you’re single (or poly) and dating – do you even bother opening yourself up to the vanilla population? Or stick only to your own kind in the kink world? The first question you should ask yourself is how important is kink in your life? For some, kink is … [Read more...]