My Little Warrior

I’m very open about how long I’ve been exploring Kink.  It has taken me several different places, and often, it is somewhere I never expect.  In fact, at the age of 25, I became a Daddy. More accurately, I became “Diddy.” At least, that’s what she calls me. I have never been interested in Ageplay or DD/lg or Littles.  Other than occasionally being called Daddy in the … [Read more...]

The Punishment Jar

Admit it, you opened this expecting to read a dirty story.  In truth, the only dirty story I will be telling you is mine. I discovered kink about eighteen years ago.  Through some dirty stories on the internet and a couple dirty magazines my mother hid in her dresser.  However, I didn’t actively begin to see it out until three years later. I devoured every little bit of … [Read more...]

Creating Anna-Part 1

*My name is Anna and this is the story of how I became Master's slave* I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that I’m being watched.  The hairs on the back of my neck stand up constantly.  At first, it only happened when I was outside of my apartment.   But over the last couple of months, I feel the seeds of unease even at home.  I’ve taken to leaving the lights on.  … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Consent

Consent, beyond all else, is what separates abuse and BDSM.  Consent allows each side of the slash a place to safely live out our fantasies.  But what happens when consent ends? For most of us, that is an easy answer. When consent ends, so does everything else.   I personally use both the standard colors of Green, Yellow, and Red for general play and a safe word with my … [Read more...]

A Place Within The Silence: Part 1

Model: Domina Mara Taken by: Domina Mara You were the last thing I expected to see.  Even kneeled with my eyes on the floor, I could feel your presence.  I could see your red boots, a shiny leather looking heel that clearly traveled the mile of your legs.  I cheat slightly and glance up further through my lashes.  I know it is improper, but I also know that there is … [Read more...]