slaveboy julia’s Photography

Photo by slave boy julia ( Be sure to check out slave boy julia’s awesome photography in this week’s edition! About slave boy julia julia is a gender fluid male to female submissive who became active in the lifestyle about 11 years ago after kinky desires were repressed since childhood. Today she is an active, well known, and respected member of the … [Read more...]

Profoundly Pointless Podcast with Dominatrix Mrs. Elena De Luca

Mrs. Elena De Luca About the show Profoundly Pointless is a show in two parts. The Profound part features fascinating interviews with everyone from celebrities and athletes to professional dominatrixes and dinosaur hunters. The Pointless part tries to answer life's greatest questions. Or, as one listener put it "WHAT did I just listen to and WHY did I listen to 4 hours … [Read more...]

The Dark Arts

Fox Chalker - The Dark Arts- Back by popular demand! Check out The Dark Arts' photography in this week's edition! The Dark Arts is a Washington State based rope bondage rigger and photographer. They got into the art of shibari five years ago after being hired to shoot some people at a local kink club, began … [Read more...]

Brian Vox’s Artwork

Brian Vox- Brian Vox’s amazing work is back by popular demand! Be sure to check out his art in this week’s edition and click here to check out more! In case you missed him in one of our previous editions click here About Brian Vox Brian Vox has been creating art for more than 40 years. His work ranges from acrylic to digital paintings and … [Read more...]

New Issue of subspace Magazine-November 6th

Dominatrix: Mercenary Mistress Photographer: Danny Stygion Corset: FetCraft MUA: Texas Dela Rosa Shoes: Refuse To Be Usual Location: Austin Dungeon To be released on Nov. 6th on Featuring: Mercenary Mistress, Mistress Elle Zelena, Gabriela Ecaterina, and Kelli Provocateur Go to the above website to check out these new photos and the latest … [Read more...]