What age agency?

Agency is the ability to act in a way to accomplish your goals. To have an agency in an area in your life is to have the capability to act in a way to produce the results you want. When discussing sexual agency, you have the ability to define yourself sexually, the ability to choose whether or not you want to experience sexual activity, the ability to choose how you want to … [Read more...]

Where Have All The Fetishes Gone?

Seriously, littles are creepy. Did you see that ropework? Sooo gorgeous! I just don't understand anyone wanting to be a human ashtray or footstool. Look how beautifully obedient His slave is. Why in the world would a man submit voluntarily to chastity? We have wide-ranging views on fetishes. Some we seem to embrace readily while others we revile openly. We can be … [Read more...]

A Bouncing Babygirl Is Born…And She’s 43

Photographer: Matthias Wallmeier Model: Miss Fetilicious She wakes up at the crack of dawn so she can slurp down a cup of coffee while she's making the kid's lunches. She hustles herself into a corporate skirt and blouse that makes her feel like a smaller version of a man with a great rack. After working eight hours, she catches the tail end of the soccer game in time … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Group Sex

Mistress Devore shot by Danny Stygion After I discovered that group sex was a fetish of mine, it took almost thirty years before I dared to have my first threesome. I had to wade thru a bucketful of fear, and societal norms to realize this fantasy. What I discovered in that whole process is that I allowed far too much anxiety to keep me from something gratifying. Risk … [Read more...]

The Sexiest Thing You Can Write

In 2011, I stumbled upon my first Dominant on OKC. Almost immediately he sent me to various sites to investigate Dominance and submission. For about three weeks before we met, I devoured any site that hinted at anything to do with BDSM. I thought a whole lot of it was weird and wonderful. That first Dom was one of the good ones. He tried his best to help me navigate this … [Read more...]