Journey to a Prologue – Part II

READ PART I OF THIS STORY FIRST - CLICK HERE “I prefer only ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, and as you will soon learn, ‘no’ is not my favorite.” She released his head and took a step back. “However, to give a partial answer to your initial, if unspoken question, you came here willingly.” She laughed. “No, it was more like eagerly. You were fairly drooling after we finally met in … [Read more...]

Prologue to a Journey – Part I

The image in the full-length mirror was that of a svelte woman with shoulder-length, dark-blond hair that covered her ears and surrounded a tan face of smooth Nordic features. She had a strong chin, full lips glistening with silver gloss, a straight, well-proportioned nose, and high cheekbones. Striking blue eyes with a slightly greenish tint gazed back at the woman in the … [Read more...]