Taming Her Beast: Part Three

Read part one and two here. He didn't really know how to think of it. One moment he was honorably fighting warriors of the past, and the next he was fucking a beautiful woman against her own gravestone. Had he desecrated the burial grounds with their act? Or blessed it? He didn't want to find out. Rather he pulled up his kilt, grabbed his axe, and then walked off into … [Read more...]

Erotica: Taming Her Beast, Part Two

Read part one here. He had continued his quest long into the evening. The morning light that had shown through the trees as gold had become a fireside yellow as the sun began to fall beneath the horizon. He abandoned the creek's path when something inside his heart told him to turn and walk towards some mountains in the distance. It was not wise to walk away from a fresh … [Read more...]

Erotica: Taming Her Beast, Part One

With closed eyes, he could rightfully smell the beauty of the foreign land he found himself within. It was old and full of magic. The rotting trees that had cracked underneath his boots were birthing taller and stronger trees out of their crumbling bodies. The roots of the old and new held together moist dirt so fertile it could grow wheat on a patch of ice in the middle of … [Read more...]