Erotica: La Patrona, Chapter Three

Read parts one and two here. “You may exhale,” said Dr. Acosta as she cinched the chastity belt snugly around Emilio’s waist. He felt the belt constrain his breathing slightly as he did so. “It’s too tight.” “Nonsense, servants need the feeling of constriction less they forget they are servants.” “Makes sense. Hey!” Emilio said as Dr. Acosta hand forcefully slapped … [Read more...]

Erotica: La Patrona, Chapter Two

“Dr. Acosta will be with you soon,” said the attractive woman in the nurse’s uniform who showed Emilio into the examination room. It seemed different than the other ones in which he had been previously. For starters, some type of medical electrical equipment sat against the wall. He knew that most doctors do not need to deliver electrical shocks as part of their practice. What … [Read more...]

Erotica: La Patrona, Chapter One

Oscar’s hands choked the life out of Emilio. Estefan watched the two closely from a few feet away, ready to halt the contest at the first sign that Emilio has lost consciousness which Estefan felt might be any second now. Emilio was on the flat of his back and Oscar was seated on his chest. Oscar had “fully mounted” Emilio, to put it in the language of grappling. Oscar’s hands … [Read more...]