Erotica: A Seduction Story

woman in towel

I stirred as light shifted and the shadows danced on the ceiling. Thoughts incoherent. Cold. Foreign. Conversations with invisible friends, flashes of flesh on flesh, a woman's cry, a man's grunt. My cry. His voice. Stirring again. Fingers touching me - slowly, up my thigh, lightly across my labia. Warmth on a nipple. I hear a gasp. It sounds familiar. It's mine. My nipple cold … [Read more...]

Erotica: Ninety Three Seconds


I'm certain I was yammering as we walked through the door. There was a plan: to drink, to cook, to eat, and to fuck. I had assumed in that order, and therefore, was not expecting to be held by the hair and drag/pushed into the living room. That was certainly a surprise. But when he pulled the pillows off the sofa and dropped them to the floor before me, I had an … [Read more...]

Erotica: Silence

Legs of a couple sitting at the restaurant

We'll leave it up to you, the readers to decide what exactly the ending of this one may mean.... They sat in the board room, two dixie cups from the water cooler and an open bottle of champagne between them. The merger had been a success - one six months in the making. The sun had gone down and the last of the staff had long logged off and gone home, probably to celebrate … [Read more...]

Erotica: The Surrogate

bubble bath

Her actions were methodical - almost robotic in nature. Closing the door behind her, she slid her arms from her raincoat, pulled the sweater over her head and unbuttoned her pants. Within minutes she was stripped down to her socks, panties, and a thin black tank top. It's too bright. She drew closed the heavy curtains to block out the remaining sunlight from the room. She … [Read more...]

Erotica: For Shame

Submissive woman outside

Episode 1 of the Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Series "Have you no shame?" he asked incredulously. She'd been bent over trying to pull a stubborn weed out of her front lawn. It was a hot day and she was wearing a short sundress. Standing up and turning toward the voice that had interrupted her struggle, she cocked her head to the side. "Excuse me?" "The way you're dressed, … [Read more...]