PirateStan Interviews Mister

A while back, a local friend ('Mister' on FL) started doing something a bit unusual; chain bondage. I initially found the idea intriguing, as metal restraints are something I find more than a bit appealing. Then I saw photos of what exactly he was doing, how he was not simply binding, but actually suspending people wrapped in roughly their body weight of chain. The … [Read more...]


I've certainly visited my fair share of dating sites over the years. And I've encountered people randomly at munches, or on FetLife, which has led me to scrutinize their profiles that I might, perhaps, get to know them just a tiny bit better. And, friends, I've got something I need to tell you... Y'all's profile game ain't what it needs to be. It ain't what it could be. It … [Read more...]

Gag Primer Part 2

Cleave gags, by and large, simply don't work. Try it yourself. Tie a strip of cloth in your mouth (or your girl's) and see how easy it is to work it out, no matter how tightly you tie it. As an added challenge, place a cloth or ball in the mouth first, then tie it in place with a cloth. If it takes you more than 90 seconds to spit it out then I'd argue you have the sort of … [Read more...]

A Basic Primer On Gags For Bondage Play

I love gags. I love the way they look when worn by a helpless damsel, her eyes above it wide, angry, or even erotically inflamed. I love hearing a girl trying to talk through a gag and failing miserably, her ability to express herself reduced to a series of growls and mmphs. And I love watching her trying to relieve herself of her gag, contorting her face, pushing with her … [Read more...]


I've had a fascination for mummified gals since I stumbled across a 1930s magazine cover in a late '80s pulp anthology. It featured a damsel-in-distress mummy-wrapped up to her lovely shoulders, a gag plastered over the lower half of her face, about to be locked away in a sarcophagus by some dastardly villian. The artist had managed to create a sense of tension and action in … [Read more...]