Torture Porn For The Masses

Watching 'Criminal Minds' with last week and a scene came up that had all the earmarks of pure gold. The gal had been securely strapped into a straitjacket, tape gagged and blindfolded, and her ankles were tied. She was even barefooted. There was struggling, squirming, and "mmph"-ing. So I'm asked if I was enjoying the repeated bondage scenes. "No," I replied. "These … [Read more...]

Nature vs Nurture or Are We Born This Way?

It's fascinating to me how consistent my sexual proclivities have remained over the years. When I was only six-years-old I distinctly remember that there was a gal (maybe 12 or 13-years-old) who lived two doors over on whom I had a significant crush. Why? Because she had a distinct penchant for going about sans footwear. And when she did wear shoes, it was inevitably a pair … [Read more...]

When D/s Looks Like Abuse, and Why You Should Care

If there's one thing you quickly notice when you enter the scene, it's how much a D/s or M/s relationship can mimic and resemble an abusive one. It's as if we're both wearing the same suit of clothes, only one is finely tailored out of a rich, Merino wool, and the other is an ill-fitting off-the-rack polyester affair from your local Wal-Mart. There simply is no … [Read more...]

Setting The Scene

(Note: As always, this article is presented from the perspective of MaleDom/femsub. I can't speak with even vague authority to any other dynamic. Please adjust appropriately to your own.) Always remember: No one is a mind-reader. So it's Friday night and you've been talking with your girl all week about the scene you're going to have at week's end. You've both had a … [Read more...]

The Three Pillars

I see a great many posts here from singles attempting to determine whether they're too particular, whether they should "settle" for someone. And how they should determine it. Years ago I had someone tell me about the three pillars of a relationship. I took it to heart, modified it, and made it into a pretty good way to evaluate a potential partner. The three pillars … [Read more...]