Photographer: ReddDyver Models: anniebear This was an amazingly fun shoot concept I did with Redd Dyver. It was boiling hot that day and cars were driving by with people gawking. It definitely fed my humiliation kink! We hope you enjoy! -anniebear … [Read more...]

anniebear caned

Photographer: ReddDyver Models: anniebear anniebear is put in her place with a sound caning. Can you guess who was delivering the handywork? … [Read more...]

anniebear in charge

Photographer: ReddDyver Models: anniebear and Theresa The tables have turned. anniebear has taken command of Theresa. You know, they always say the good girls gone bad are the naughtiest of them all. … [Read more...]

Something wicked…

Photographer: ReddDyver Models: Travis and Theresa His possession of her was swift. She fought very little because in fact, she wanted it. She wanted to be owned and toyed with. Who was this wicked man-or would creature or being be a more fitting name? His power was intoxicating, consuming. She could not wait for more. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

Photographer: ReddDyver Model: Zamra Rigger: Rope_Daddy In honor of the coming holiday, Zamra wanted to share her wish list for Santa. Some of those items looks a ittle bit naughty, and we like it! … [Read more...]