M/s and Love


There have been huge debates within the community about whether love belongs with M/s relationships and/or whether love promotes health and happiness within the M/s dynamic. In my opinion, no matter what kind of dynamic and/or relationship you have there should be some kind of love there. To me, love is the reason that we voluntarily do anything. With this being said, there … [Read more...]

Sinister Insight Night’s Power Exchange Panel


I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to present a panel at Lair on power exchange last Friday. The panel had such an amazing turn out, and I was so honored that so many experienced and well-respected individuals within the community agreed to be on the panel with me. This was my first time presenting a panel, so I honestly had no idea how it was going to go. When I … [Read more...]

The Recipe for Imparted Presence


Hi everyone! I am writing this article to educate readers about one of the most essential things needed (in my opinion) to have a long term 24/7 power exchange relationship. A lot of people believe that M/s relationships are about micro-management leading to macro-management. What I mean by this is that at the beginning of a dynamic and/or during training phrases, the slave … [Read more...]

Big/little Dynamics


The Big/little dynamic involves one partner (the D type) taking on the parental role, and the s type taking on the role of someone younger than they actually are (the little). Littles have a wide age range (infant-adolescent). It is also possible for a little to change ages within a dynamic or from partner to partner. These dynamics can be polyamorous or monogamous, and can … [Read more...]

Funishments vs. Discipline


Funishments, to me, are essentially disciplinary actions used in a kinky way during play or a scene such as spanking or flogging. It is always consensual and should never cross any hard limits. Discipline involves a disciplinary action that is used to discipline the s type for some kind of infraction. It is also consensual and should never cross any hard limits. Even … [Read more...]