My Favorite Things About Power Exchange

Power exchange, in my opinion, is such a beautiful thing for many reasons. It promotes such healthy vulnerability, communication, trust, and structure when done correctly and consensually. Many relationships will naturally drift apart and become comfortable. However, for power exchange to truly thrive it demands that all parties remain present, proactive, and … [Read more...]

Patience Is Key To Power Exchange

I am sure most of us have heard others in the lifestyle talk about the importance of communication, transparency, self-awareness, safety, etc. All of these are so valuable and needed within any kind of power exchange or scene, but what we don’t talk about as regularly is that it takes patience to breed these things. Now, I am in NO way recommending anyone to jump into … [Read more...]

Discipline Even When He or She Isn’t Around

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I have talked to some people in the lifestyle recently that think that being a submissive of any kind is just about being micromanaged and doing what the D-type says in their presence. While this kind of dynamic can be a reality, the fact of the matter is, is that the submissive should still hold themselves accountable and … [Read more...]

Interview with The Dark Arts

Witchy Pixie - The Dark Arts- How did you get your start in the lifestyle? I was working on a production job a while back and met some people who were into the kink world and learned some stuff from them, mostly how different the actual kink world is than how it's presented in movies and TV. I filed … [Read more...]

Interview with Master Hercules

Can you please tell us how you first become a part of this community? Even though I know I started exploring my kinky side when I was very young.  My first real introduction to the lifestyle was when I was 20, so almost 30 years ago.  Back then I met a woman, who I refer in my conversations as my Mrs. Robinson. She was not married but she was older than me by 20 years, a … [Read more...]