Erotica: Shifter Shelter

Excerpt from Shifter Shelter: Nipped by the Cub, by Tracey DeSanto Copyright © 2016 by Tracey DeSanto All rights reserved. I was burning a week’s worth of wine money driving my truck so fast. “Vixen” is my 1976 Ford pickup. She’s big and tough, but hard on gas. That day I didn't give a damn. The shelter is just off the interstate. It took me no time to take the exit and … [Read more...]

Erotica: Pecking Order

I wanted to share an excerpt from an emerging new erotica author Tracey DeSanto. Enjoy! -anniebear The sun had not peered over the ridge, but the morning sky already glowed indigo in anticipation of the dawn. Henry couldn’t think straight. He loped distractedly towards the stables to begin his work, worried for his soul. Since he had found his position at Master Brown’s … [Read more...]