Erotica: Chores

7:00am: The alarm buzzes, I've already been up and active for 2 hours, I silence the alarm "Someday you'll beat me but today's not the day buddy" It felt silly at first but one of Sirs exercises is to have conversations with inanimate objects. Rico was my alarm clock and we had developed a very competitive relationship. The exercise was meant to help me get over my … [Read more...]

Erotica: Entanglements

Home was anywhere we wanted it to be. We were not lovers, not in this life or in any other, though not for a lack of trying. That was just not the dynamic we had. Our love was different, deeper. I belonged to her, mind, body and soul and she was mine, to protect, to worship, to follow and obey, no questions asked. We resonated with one another, two identical energies that found … [Read more...]