Chris Cornell and Auto-erotic Asphyxiation

A note from the editor: Auto-erotic asphyxiation or breath play is in our opinion a form of edge play and should be used with caution. Please seek the mentorship of someone experienced in this type of play before attempting on your own. Kinkshaming kills, folks. A lot of suicides via "hanging" are in fact auto-erotic asphyxiation gone awry, especially in teenage years or … [Read more...]

New Organization Founded, Los Angeles Consent Summit

Los Angeles Consent Summit: A Coalition of Communities On Wed May 18th, the first Los Angeles Consent Summit took place at The Hilton LAX, in conjunction with DomCon. The basic concept began as a gathering of the many underground and alternative communities in LA, as represented by various leaders, venue owners, party throwers, and event coordinators. Rather than a lecture … [Read more...]