Erotica: Good Girl

She entered the dark house hesitantly. Slowly. Her hand shook as she closed the door behind her, grasping her coat closed in the front with the other hand. She stood, eyes straining, ears at attention. There was only one slight creak of the floor and her head was covered from behind as she was lifted off of the floor. She was shoved against the wall, her purse and then coat ripped from her shoulders as her hands were firmly tied behind her back. Her captor said nothing, simply breathing heavily while he worked. She was thrown over his shoulder as he ascended a staircase. She felt a breeze as her pussy was exposed to the air from beneath her skirt.

All at once she was thrown down onto a bed. With a squeal she attempted to wriggle away but a hand grasped her ankle and yanked her back. By now her dress had ridden all the way up to her stomach. The hand tore one heel and then another off of her feet. She heard them hit the floor with a loud thunk. “Looks like the little slut forgot to wear panties,” said a voice. A hand grasped her under her chin and then a firm slap went across her face. The shock was intense as she was still in the hood or bag on her head. “What do you have to say for yourself, whore?”

“I only wish to please my Master,” she replied. In response a hand slapped her pussy four times, hard in quick succession. She nearly screamed out loud before a hand slapped over her mouth, “Good little girls don’t make so much noise. They make happy moans and say ‘thank you’ to their Masters.”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you Master!”

She was flipped around quickly and the hand delivered several more smacks to her ass as it pushed up into the air. Her face was hot not from the previous slap but rather from the embarrassment of it all. A voice came close to her ear, “Such a good little slut for her Master, with her pretty ass in the air. Your pussy is shining you know. Why would it be so wet? Answer me?”

“Because my Master makes me excited.”

“Such a good girl.” With that his hand slipped between her pussy lips and fondled her deeply. Fingers pushed in and out at just the right tempo making her heart beat fast. “Please, Sir!”

“Please what, slut? Use your words!”

“Please Sir, your cock, Sir!”

“My cock what?” he was nearly growling at this point.

“Please, Sir may I have Your cock in my pussy?”

“That’s a good girl.” And with that he plunged himself deep inside her wetness pushing in and out at a punishing rhythm that only two so intimately acquainted could withstand.

anniebear is a submissive living with her partner Dexx in Los Angeles. She enjoys writing, modeling for friends, animal rescue, and teaching herself how to cook. You can catch her on Fetlife or Facebook.

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