The Abuction Part Be A Good Girl

** Warning – This piece contains triggers of rape, violence and kidnapping so read at your own risk

I awoke in a bed, naked, collared, and bound. The collar had a chain attached to it, then it was attached to a heavy-duty snap ring on the headboard. My hands were cuffed and so were my feet. I hear a voice say “Good morning, glad you got some rest. You’re going to need it.”

Omg what happened. I don’t remember. I remember going out with my friends, going home at a decent hour. But nothing after that. Omg, that means he was in my home!
“Don’t be afraid girl, in time you will adjust, learn to please me and serve me well.”
I started to cry. He came over, sat on the bed next to and wiped away my tears with his fingers, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, “you’ll either learn not to cry at all or you’ll cry begging for my cock. I enjoy your tears. They make me hard.”

My eyes widened with horror. He began to touch my body. I squirmed and whimpered.
He grabbed me by the throat “Don’t move, be a good girl. This is my body now; I may do as I please with it. Don’t resist and fucking stay still. You want please me, don’t you? You want to be a good girl, don’t you?”

“Please, no. Please let me go. No, no, no. Please stop!” I cried. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and buckled it tight behind me.
I couldn’t plead, beg, cry or scream now. I wish I had, maybe someone would have heard me. I just didn’t want to make my situation any worse.

“Shhh. It’s ok, you’re just here to please me. Only me. It will be ok, you’ll learn to beg to please me, beg for my touch, beg for my cum.” He said with a grin. He began to fondle my breasts. He grabbed at me and pulled at me. I felt so violated. Ouch! He was pinching my nipples. How am I going to escape? I thought. There must be a way. There just must be!

I struggled in cuffs and collar. Then I felt the sting across my face. He slapped me. “Now, now, I don’t want you hurting your wrists or ankles, if you are going to be difficult. You’ll wear these.” He places a pair of thick leather cuffs on my wrist and ankles. Then he undid the handcuffs on them. He then placed my wrists in another snap ring above my head. He examined me with his eyes thoroughly. I felt like a piece of meat.

He caresses my thighs, my breasts fondled my hair, and then he touched my labia. I squirmed, moved as much as I could in my restraints. He slapped me again. I cried and breathed heavily through the gag.

He stopped touching me down there and I slowly calmed down. He started caressing my hair and my now burning cheek. “There, there, my little pet.”
“You’ll need a new name. Your old one just won’t do. What should I call you?”
“Hmmm. I haven’t decided yet. I name you later. For now, your name is slave. What is your name?” He undid my ball gag.

I responded defiantly. “I’m not changing my name; I’m not letting you call me a slave. Fuck you.” I spit into his face. Yes, that was a mistake. A very big one.

He said one word, ok, before he flipped me over and raped me. I cried. I screamed and yelled. I was defiled. I was used. I was owned.

After he came on my face, he slapped me. He asked again. “What is your name, little one?”
Through the tears I muttered “Slave.”
“What is my name, Slave?” I looked at him with confusion. “Come now,” He said. “If you are my slave, that makes me your Master. You WILL address me as such. Now, let’s try this again.” He said with another one of those vile grins. “What is my name?”
I looked away. Then turned back to face him and looked him in the eye. I grimaced. “Master. I am to call you Master.”
“Good girl. You have potential after all”

Bath Time

I looked away. He said it was time for a bath and to show me around his property. He undid the collar and lead from the headboard along with my feet so I may walk. He guided me to the bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom were modern, well-kept and overall had a neat appearance.

He clasped the chain from my lead onto a slave ring he had in the bathtub. This left me unable to bend down to clean myself. He was very methodical. My brand of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah… Everything I would have had in my bathroom was present! I was shocked. How long has he been following me, watching and researching me? I thought to myself.

The water felt good on my now aching body. I figured I would wash everything I could since I couldn’t bend down. Then to my amazement, he got in with me! I froze in fear.
“How do you expect to wash yourself when you can’t reach my dear. I enjoy caring for my property.” He reassured.

I jumped at his slightest touch, as he lathered and rinsed my hair with shampoo, then conditioner. Then he took my body wash and loofah and delicately washed my entire body. I could feel him against me, caressing me, caring for me ever so delicately. Was this the same man who raped me just a few minutes before? I thought. I was left in amazement.

He took the same care with me while towel drying me. He put a robe on me so I wouldn’t be cold. I sat there numbly. He combed my hair and kissed the top of my head. “Isn’t that better,” He said. l looked up at him becoming angry again. He could see it on my face. He grabbed my lead, wrapped it around his hand so it would draw me up to him. I stood looking at him in the eyes as he gazed back, ready to react. Then, he kissed me. Lightly, gently, he kissed my lips, parting them slightly. “Are you ready for breakfast?” He said. I nodded. The anger washed from my face. I was sore, famished and bewildered.


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