Black Friday Cuckold: Part 2


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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Katie and Kink Weekly are in no way saying that anything done should ever be non-consensual, cross any hard limits, or put anyone in serious danger-mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. We are also not condoning or supporting cuckolding as a way to salvage one’s relationship. Again, cuckolding should always be consensual and at the very least be a soft limit for everyone involved. Disclaimer done. Enjoy the story!

“James come here.”  He clicked off the TV like a good little lap dog.

“Are we going to have sex now?” He asked, trying to approach me.

“What did I tell you about touching me.” I slapped his hands away.

I held up a package, “Open this.”

He looked excited as he tore open the box. Holding up the metal cage he looked baffled. “What is this?”

“It’s a cage for you little dick. You are going to wear this, and I will wear the key around my neck. This way I will be certain that you are not lying to me about touching yourself.”

A look of shock washed over his face, “ Are you serious? I can’ I’m not going to..”

I cut him off, “You will wear this, or I will leave you, it is very simple.”

“Leave me, huh, what?” He put the cage down on the table with a thud.

“I thought we were just playing, what do you mean leave me, what are you talking about, I thought we were happy?”

I looked at him, narrowing my eyes. “I had my bags packed to leave you, then I got distracted by our new neighbor. I paused looking at his face, “then I let him fuck me in our backyard. I had my first real orgasm, his dick is so massive I could hardly walk.”

James’s mouth dropped open, he looked horrified.

“What I want, is for you to wear this cage, and watch me get fucked by the biggest black cock you or I have ever seen.”

“Krista.” He pleaded.

“ Then, if you are good and do what I asked I might let you join, or cum.”

“If I do this, you wont leave me?”

“No.” I handed him the cage, “put this on, I want to make sure your little dick fits.”

I could tell that he had an erection, he really did love being a submissive fuck boy.

“Why are you so hard?’ I smiled at him.

“I have no idea, I keep thinking about watching someone else fuck you, and it makes me so horny, I can’t explain it.”

“Well good, I am glad you like it, not that I really care.” I watched him struggle to put his erect penis in the cage. “Should I spank you until your lose your erection?”

“I don’t think that will help.”

“Well, I know what will.” I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass full of ice water. I handed him the glass. “Put it in the cup.”

He looked at me, shocked, “Seriously?”

“Do you think I’m joking?”

He reluctantly dipped his hard dick into the glass full of ice, screaming like a little girl, I watched with delight as his dick turned flaccid. He quickly mashed it into the cage. I locked it, and slipped the key back around my neck.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“Weird, but ok.” He grasped the chair, waiting for his next directions.

“Well, I think we can make this a little bit harder,” I winked at him, pulling off my shorts, and tee shirt. I had never walked around naked in front of him before. His face instantly went red with frustration.

“This cage is so tight”, he protested.

I leaned against the sink, slowly rubbing my clit. “Well it’s only going to get tighter.”

He froze, watching me tease myself with my fingers. “Krista, what are you doing?”

I honestly don’t think he had ever seen a girl touch herself before.

“You see what I am doing?” I asked, keeping eye contact with him.

He glanced down at my wet fingers, working my clit in slow circles.

“Yes.” he gulped.

“You have never given me pleasure, ever, tonight I am going to show you how to do it.”

He nodded eagerly.

“Get down on your knees in front of me.”

He did as he was told.

“If you touch me, I will tie your hands, do you understand.”

He nodded.

“Lick me, here,” I said pointing to my swollen clit.

He did as he was told, wanting to grab my hips, but I swatted him away. “No touching.”

“Do a better job.” I slapped him on the head.

He growled and began sucking. I pressed his face harder into my pussy, rubbing my wetness all over him. He became eager and latched on, sucked and flicking his tongue.

“Can I fuck you?” He pleaded.

“No. this is not about you, this is about me.”

Just when I was about to cum, I pushed him away, “You suck at this, don’t worry, Travis will show you.”

“Krista, I need to take this cage off, my dick is so hard it is going to break through it.”

“Should I use the ice water again?”

“No, no,” he backed away. “Are you sure you don’t want me to keep trying?”

“I will finish myself off in the shower, thinking about Travis.”

James looked hurt, “Can I watch?”

“Fuck no, go sleep in the guest room.”

Despite my dismissive attitude he smiled, “yes mistress.”

Tonight was the night. I couldn’t even contain my excitement. The dog cage arrived at my front door, moments after James left for work. I texted Travis to come over and help me put it together, which he did, effortlessly.  He was so fucking sexy, I couldn’t wait to put on a show in front of James. I wanted to suck his cock, and let him finger me in the kitchen, but I kept our interactions strictly friendly, saving our passion for later.

“Let me taste you, please, please Krista,” Travis pressed down the front of his pants showing the outline of his dick. Although I was super turned on, I wanted to build up the tension between us, so I continued to turn him down.

The dog cage was set up in the bedroom, I also ordered a padlock to keep him inside against his will.

“You sure he is ok with all this,” Travis motioned towards the cage and the toys.

“He’s excited.” I assured him, I let him out of his cage this morning to shower, and his dick kept leaking pre cum, I am certain if I so much as breathed on his dick he would shoot cum straight to the ceiling.

Travis laughed. “I can’t wait to feel your mouth wrapped around my dick.” He lightly touched my chin, moving my mouth to meet his. He kissed me softly, moving my hand to touch his extremely hard dick through his pants. “One day, I am going to fit this in your ass.”

I couldn’t help but gasp at the thought. “You hardly fit in my vagina, you think that is going in my ass?” I jokingly pushed him away.

“Krista, I am willing to bet you anything that one day you will be begging me.”

“I doubt it, but we will see.”

I was nervous. Travis assured me that I looked incredible. The black latex helped a little bit with my confidence, but I knew that James was going to protest the dog cage, and I was more than a little apprehensive about putting him in it.

James arrived home promptly at six. He had no idea that tonight was the night we all were going to play, but quickly got the message when I appeared in the kitchen dressed up.

“Jesus Christ, Krista, you look..”

“I know.” I said. “Are you ready to play?”


“Get down on all fours.”

He did as he was told, immediately without question.

“Good boy.”

“Follow me.” I led up the stairs to our bedroom.

James stopped suddenly seeing the cage set up in the room. He looked at it and then his eyes fell on Travis who was laying on our bed, stroking his cock.

To his credit he did not say anything.

“Take your clothes off,” I handed him the ball gag, “put this on.”

I opened the cage, motioning for him to crawl in. “Get in your crate little doggie.”

James eyes were a mix of excitement and panic.

He crawled in the cage, balking as I clicked the lock.

“If you  make too much noise, I will spank you, nod if you understand.”

He nodded yes.

I moved over to Travis, who had worked himself up so much that his dick was standing straight up. I wanted to make sure that James had a front row seat, so I pulled Travis down on the ground, basically right next to where James pathetically sat in his crate.

I took Travis’s thick pulsating cock into my hand, my hand barley wrapped around it. I squeezed it as hard as I could, forcing a stream of pre cum to leak out of the tip. I eagerly licked it up. Travis groaned.

I had never sucked on James’s dick in our entire marriage, I didn’t even know if I was doing it right, but I sucked as hard as I could, swirling my tongue along the head. Travis growled and bucked, giving me all the right signals to continue what I was doing.

“James, I bet you wish your dick was this big, I bet you wish your dick was big enough to please me.”

James moaned, a long string of drool escaped out of his mouth. His eyes gleamed with pleasure. I could see his dick struggling behind the metal cage.

“Is that getting pretty tight?” I winked at him, while trying to fit as much as Travis down my throat as my gag reflex would allow.

Travis grabbed my face and started to fuck my face, I kept gagging and my eyes watered.

I pulled away, grabbing his balls with my mouth, I sucked and licked them.

“You ready for a real man to fuck you, Krista?” Travis stroked his cock, looking over at James who looked pathetic.

I unzipped the crotch of my latex suit. My pussy was so wet I knew that sliding Travis inside was going to be easier.

I climbed on top of him, without pausing I sank on his cock all the way, causing everyone in the room to groan.

I grabbed the side of the crate, to anchor myself and went to town on his dick. Fucking him so hard, sliding my pussy up and down, pausing while he was all the way inside me, letting him press his thumb on my pulsating clit.

“That’s it, baby, cum all over my cock.”

He kept pressing into me, rocking his cock back and forth inside, probing my G spot. The combination of his thumb on my clit and the pressure of his dick, was causing me to lose all control.

“Finish in my ass.” I was breathless and so fucking horny I could hardly see straight.

Without warning, Travis flipped me around, he somehow had a tube of lube near him, because before I knew it stream of cold cream was shot all inside my ass. He teased me, pressing a finger inside my ass and pussy. I rubbed my clit watching James rub the front of his cage, watching me intensely.

I didn’t have the heart to stop him, especially as Travis tried to fit his horse cock into my tight little virgin ass.

We struggled for a minute, getting into a perfect rhythm, once I relaxed into him, before I knew it he was fucking my ass like he fucked my pussy.

James groaned so loudly, just as Travis pumped hard filling me with his hot cum. He pulled out, pulling my ass apart, letting his cum contract out of me all over the carpet.

“Looks like your little pet made a mess in his crate, Krista.”

I looked over at James who had cum straight through is cock cage. Cum was pooled on his legs and on the floor of the crate.

I quickly grabbed the key, opened the cage, pulled the gag from his mouth.

“Lick it up.” I pointed to the cum on the ground.

He looked at me incredulously. “Krista.” He started to protest.

“If you don’t do as you are told, I will smack your balls with the crop.”

He bent over lapping up his cum, like a good little doggie.

“Good boy.” I patted him on the head.

Travis looked shocked at both of us. He seemed please with how I behaved as a Domme and how submissive James seemed to be.

“Krista, how did it feel to be fucked by a real man?”

I smiled at him, “It felt amazing.”

“I’m going to let you out now little doggie, to go shower. I will get your dinner ready.”

James sat patiently, while I unlocked his cage, patting his dick gently.

While James showered, I spent my time kissing Travis, and letting him suck on my tits, getting himself all hot and bothered again.

“No more.” I knew I could not take his cock inside me anymore tonight.

“Too much for you baby.”

“You know you are too big,” I said gently stroking him.

“If you keep doing that, you know I wont stop.” He closed his eyes, letting me continue to stroke him.

“Well then I’ll stop.” I grinned.

I hopped off the bed, feeling extremely proud of myself.

I peeled off my black latex suit, realizing that everything between my legs, including my inner thighs ached. My ass in particular felt raw and torn up. Travis’s cock was so big, I could not believe I had actually willingly asked him to fuck me there.

James appeared in the doorway, “My cage is locked, mistress.” He looked down at the floor.

I pointed to a dog dish full of lasagna, “Your dinner is ready for you.”

James dropped down on his knees, lapping up his dinner exactly like a hungry puppy.

Watching him submit to me, got my juices flowing. My pussy ached but I still wanted to be licked, especially by a eager James.

“When you are done eating, I will give you, your dessert.”

James looked up at me with excitement, his eyes shining.

“I’m ready for dessert, mistress.”

“Good.” I smiled at him, reaching for a covered plate of cheesecake on my dresser.

Pulling off the tin foil, I pulled a chunk of New York Style cheesecake from the plate and pressed some of it, over my pussy.

“Come here little doggie and clean off my pussy.”

James eagerly lapped at my pussy, licking me clean. His tongue was gentle and thorough. In a matter of seconds he had licked me clean, but kept licking and sucking my clit. His aggressiveness was surprising, I wanted to scold him, but the pleasure was too intense.

The more he ate me, the more I wanted to cum on his face. He kept sucking, inching his fingers up my thigh, wanting to finger fuck me.

“No,” I swatted his fingers away, “If I wanted something tiny in my pussy, i’d fuck you.”

He groaned inaudibly into my pussy, lifting my leg over his shoulder.

The sucking and the swirling of the tongue, finally broke me, I surrendered to the feelings. Letting my orgasm build and finally break. I gushed hot cream all over James’s face, that he ardently sucked up.

“The cheesecake was ok, but your pussy cream is better.” He licked his lips.

I couldn’t believe that the man on his knees in front of me, was the same man I had married two years ago. I could not believe that he  was the same man that I was about to leave, because he was boring and cheated on me. I could tell he loved being a pathetic sub just as much as I loved ordering him around.

James retreated to his crate, curling up with a blanket, he looked comfortable and content. I couldn’t help but stare at him. It seemed that this new relationship was something that James relished in. Perhaps this balanced out his life perfectly. I had read in forums that sometimes important men in business like to be ordered around and humiliated, that it gives them an outlet.

Whatever was going on, it did not look like James was willing to give up being submissive.

This dynamic was their relationship now, and it  included Travis and his horse cock. I smiled to myself, while getting into bed. I sent Travis a text telling him to come over and spend the night.

About the Author: 

Katie is a 34 year old writer and adult performer. As far as kink goes she considers herself a Domme  She likes to write about pegging and CEI since these are both her fetishes. << This is where you can find her erotica << This is where you can find her adult videos





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