Master of O: Business Hours

The recollection of that day that had prompted Steven’s call and O’s rather nervous appearance before Constance’s desk. She showed O into Steven’s chambers and left quickly. Steven got up from his desk to pull O into his tight embrace, kissed her hard and long, his hand gliding down her spine to grip her backside. With no small talk first, he ordered her to strip. Today he had a different test for her.

O folded each removed article of clothing, stacking them on the couch while Steven watched. O never vamped the process, though she was quite aware of what she showed Steven each time she bent, straight-legged, from the waist to add another item to the pile.

When she was down to her shoes, she knelt on the carpet next to Steven’s chair, expecting to perform services similar to those she’d provided while Steven studied Jacqui’s pictures. To her surprise, Steven ordered her to stand and perch on the edge of the desk with her legs open and her hands in the correct position behind her head.

O planted her heels firmly to pose for him as vertically as possible, only the under curve of her bottom resting on the cool, polished wooden surface of the desktop. Leaning forward in his chair, Steven sucked her girly bits into his mouth and reached up to pinch her nipples, holding her that way long enough to induce a bad case of the shivers. Acutely aware of Constance in the outer office, O struggled to stay quiet to the very edge of orgasm, at which point the phone mercifully interrupted with a loud buzz.

Steven patted O where she was wet while parking a Bluetooth headset resembling a flying saucer in his right ear. He went right on playing with O, stroking her stiff clit and working his fingers in and out of her sopping depths, throughout his conversation with a prosecuting attorney at the other end of the line. His greeting was cordial and relaxed, even as he smiled evilly at O’s struggle to stay in position, his words coming to her through the fog of her arousal.

“So,” he began, “how did you like the proffer I sent over?”

There was a brief pause for a reply that made Steven smile even wider, though it didn’t distract his casual attentions to O’s intimate anatomy.

“I knew you’d hate it, but it’s the best I can give you. My guy walks with no time or your guy walks with no time. Which guy do you want to see go away worse?”

There was another long pause, during which O seriously wondered if her knees might buckle. The incoming voice was loud enough to be audible right through the headset, though O was too far along to understand a word.

“Come on, Ben, let’s just skip calling each other illegitimate sons of illegitimate sons of camel driver’s whores. I’m trying to do you a favor. Without my client’s testimony you’ll be dick-in-hand in front of the grand jury. If you have to immunize him to get it, he’ll be out on the street anyway. If you let him testify voluntarily, he’ll go right back into business and you’ll be able to build a case against him in a few months.”

Steven laughed out loud at the response, even as O was near tears from frustration.

“No I will not promise not to represent the son of a bitch. You can either send the crook you’ve already indicted over for a dime right now and possibly cut a plea bargain on my guy for a nickel at some later date or you can go home with your pockets inside out. Sign off on the letter and you’ll get my client’s singing lesson in your office tomorrow afternoon.”

The pause was shorter this time and O could no longer hear the other lawyer’s voice. Steven nodded, a victorious grin on his mug.

“See? Now was that so hard?” he asked into the microphone. “Let’s make it five o’clock. Afterward I’ll take you and Ashley out for a couple of drinks and we’ll have dinner at The Water Grill, my treat.”

After what sounded like a friendly farewell, Steven clicked off the earpiece and put it in his pocket, turning his attention to O. He stood up and brought her near enough to feel her body heat through the tropical worsted of his blue double-breasted suit.

“Don’t you ever represent any innocent people, Sir,” O said through clenched teeth.

“Innocent people can’t afford me. Besides, it’s less of a challenge.”
“You enjoy getting bad guys off?”

“Not as much as I enjoy getting good girls off. Be a good girl and bend over the desk.”

O did it joyfully, reaching across to grab the opposite edge. Steven unbuttoned his fly, springing out from behind it like a jack-in-the-box and fucked O roughly, taking his victory lap inside her as she lay across the cool, varnished surface. She came so intensely she had to bite her bare arm to keep from crying out. After he’d had his fill of her, he sent her off to clean up in the small but luxuriously appointed bathroom, complete with yet another bidet (confirming O’s suspicion that Steven played this game fairly often) before helping her dress. He kissed every inch of her exposed flesh before making it disappear behind each button. There was a question on her mind that took some courage to ask.

“The way you spring those criminals, Sir, it is payback for what The Blacklist did to your father?”

Steven gave that some serious thought. He conceded that it was a logical theory.

“But for all his bitching about how it destroyed his career, I’m not sure he would have had one without it. He might have ended up teaching at a junior college forever if he hadn’t been such an excellent martyr for the cause.”

Watching O straighten her clothing, he thought about it a moment longer, shrugged.

“Have to admit, though, I do like busting the system’s gear teeth. I could have gone to work for the ACLU or the SPLC, but the government expects to lose civil rights cases and it doesn’t bother them the way it does when I make them cut loose crooks they really want to prosecute.”

“Even if it means setting dangerous criminals free, Sir?”

“Locking them up doesn’t make them any less dangerous. They go right on running their games from the slammer while the taxpayers pick up their meals for them. We’ve got more people behind bars than any other country on earth. Do you feel any safer?”

O conceded that she didn’t.

“The real crooks who wreck the lives of millions from their Wall Street offices will never see a day behind bars anyway. My crooks tend to be the wrong color or speak the wrong language so they’re the one who get caught. I see no noble purpose in pumping up some wannabe appellate judge’s resume with a lot of slam-dunk convictions of guys who are going to end up dead or in jail someplace anyway.”

Thinking of her family, O felt a sudden hot rush of resentment for her own class. They were exactly the kinds of people no law could touch and she understood Steven’s resentment for their immunity.

Changing the subject, Steven praised O for her obedience and sent her on her way, Constance not even looking up as O headed out to the elevators.

A few days later O shot a photoset at the studio with a naked female model and a suited male partner in an office setting. Adding her own touches, she had the man dressage the female model, a petite brunette with a fabulous back view, after bending her over the desk. Then she had the girl suck him while he kicked it in his chair, pretending to talk into an old-fashioned phone. They’d finished with the girl’s stockinged legs and high heels up in the air as he splattered her tits while she lay on her back on the desk.

Looking through it later, O and Ray had a good laugh together.

“I should have let my brother have you sooner,” Ray said, flipping through the images on his display. “Think of all the great layouts that would be piled up on the shelf by now.”

About the Author:
Ernest Greene has been the Executive Editor of Hustler’s flagship BDSM magazine Taboo since 1999 and of Taboo Illustrated since . He has performed in, written, produced, or directed over 500 adult titles, including the Nina Hartley’s Guide series, starring his wife and producing partner, noted porn star and sex educator Nina Hartley. Master of O may be purchased here.

About the Illustrator:
Fernando is a self-taught illustrator inspired by American comic books and European fetish art. One of the preeminent creators of graphic novels in the explicit BDSM genre, his work includes the Cheerleaders series, Confiscated Twins, Dark Vengeance, and many more.

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