Daddy’s St. Paddy’s Day Treat Part 2

After Daddy came inside me and promised me he wasn’t done with me he stuck his fingers inside my pussy and rubbed my clit at the same time, pausing to make me eat the cum off his fingers. We tasted so good together. I lapped it up like a hungry puppy and begged him to let me suck his dick again. He obliged. 

This time he had me sit on the bolder while I played with his dick in my hand at first and began to suck on the head while rubbing his shaft with my hand. “Mmm” he moaned as his dick got harder and harder for me. “That’s it little Violet, suck Daddy’s dick just like that” he exclaimed and his words were like sweet music to my ears. I began to rub my pussy thinking about how good it was going to feel to cum on Daddy’s dick. I let go of my hand on his dick and sucked as deeply as I could, allowing the head to hit the back of my throat. I did not gag once and he praised me for my talents. 

“How does my little girl want to cum?” he asked eagerly and kissed me on my forehead. “I want to ride Daddy’s dick” I said and his eyes widened into surprise and glee combined. He laid down on the boulder and I straddled his big cock. At this point, between my juices and his his cock entered me with exceptional ease. “Unh Daddy, it feels so good to sit on your cock” I said as I rode him nice and slowly, taking every inch of him nice and deep. 

My tits fell out of the top of my dress as I rode him harder. “Fuck yes Daddy, fuck this little pussy and make me cum!!!” I screamed. Daddy covered my mouth as he heard a rustling in the trees as if someone was nearby. My muffled moans drove him wild and he began pumping his cock into me from his position. “Fuuuuck” I screamed into his hand as I came hard on his dick. My pussy walls clenched around his dick so tight he began cumming too. As I began to start fixing my dress, he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear “Daddy isn’t done yet.”

His insatiable need for pleasure matched mine and I was happy to comply with his wishes. He had me sit on the boulder and spread my legs. “I want you to eat all of Daddy’s dick juice” he stated as his fingers went deep inside of my pussy, pulling out as much cum as he could muster and he fed it to me. “Mmm Daddy, we taste so good together” I said and he sampled some too and agreed. He continued to feed me cum until there were seemingly only traces of mine. 

“Now play with yourself for Daddy” he said and he sat on the ground by the tree across from the boulder. I took my hand and used three fingers to rub my outer labia softly, playing with the little bit of pubic hair on my mound. My shaven lips were smooth and I slowly opened them to expose my clit. He began to mutually masturbate with me. My middle finger explored my clit and I rubbed it in a circular motion. He bit his lip and we both moaned at the sight of each other pleasuring ourselves. 

Daddy’s dick looked harder than ever. He got up and walked over to me while I continued to play with myself. He looked deep into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved my pussy. I melted into his words and without him having to tell me to do so, laid down on the boulder. He entered me slowly and I came almost immediately on his dick. He continued to fuck me gently as I rubbed my clit vigorously. Then he took his dick out and rubbed it on my clit for awhile. It felt so fucking good. I came one more time from him doing that.

“Fuck me doggy style Daddy” I begged and he happily complied. Daddy spanked my ass playfully a few times before thrusting deeply inside my very wet cunt. “Brutalize that pussy, Daddy” I encouraged and he fucked me as hard as he could. It hurt so good. My moans turned into screams and once again Daddy’s hand was over my mouth. I came harder than I ever did before while his hand was over my mouth. “Yeah that’s right little girl. Daddy loves that little pussy cumming on his dick” he proclaimed. Within a few minutes he too came hard inside of me. “Daddy is going to take you to the park more often, little one” he said with a smile. “As long as he shows me all the good hiding spots” I retorted with a grin. 

             The End 

About the Author

Mistress Rayvyn is a 37 year old native New Yorker who has been in the lifestyle for 20 years. Her hobbies include photography, singing, writing, reading, talking to people from around the world on various messengers, cooking, baking, and playing rpgs of all kinds.

She only started writing BDSM erotica a year ago, but has been writing poetry and fictional stories since she was 14 years old. While her BDSM stories are fictional, they are comprised of the fetishes she and her following have. Some stories are catered to specific people in her life, others are fantasies of her own. She hopes to continue to build her following and get some constructive feedback along the way.


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