The Education of Amanda: Power Exchange

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My education in the kinkster world began when I met my mentor. I wasn’t even looking for a mentor, it just kind of happened. I was talking on kik with someone I had met on Fet. I told him that I usually seemed to intimidate men when they met me, so I hadn’t yet met anyone who could dominate me. He said he could change that perception with one phone call. That was a pretty bold statement, and I told him so.

He said he knew it was, but he was confident. I agreed to call him the next day. I did, and at first we just talked about general things you talk about when you first meet someone. Then he started telling me that you can tell when a woman is becoming submissive – by the way she lowers her voice, the catch in her breath, and so forth. He started asking me things and I noticed that my voice was lowering and becoming quiet, my breathing was halted. I started nervously sliding my finger around a little patch on the back of my iPad, and he asked me, “What’s that scratching sound?” Scratching sound? It was just a little felt patch meant for cleaning the iPad screen. How could he possibly have heard that? It was unnerving. All of a sudden he said, “Take off your clothes.” I was shocked. He said, “All of them. Right now.” To my surprise, I did as he commanded.

He told me to lie on my back with my legs spread, ankles up to my ass, and not move. No one had ever bossed me around like this and I don’t know why but wordlessly, I complied. As I lay there naked, legs spread wide, it was outrageous, yet extremely hot. It was scary exciting, even though he was thousands of miles away and I knew couldn’t physically touch me. I was getting more and more aroused, my hands started moving to my pussy, and my legs started to fidget. “Stop moving. Put your hands under your ass and don’t touch yourself.” How could he know what I was doing? It was driving me crazy. I planted my hands under my ass as ordered, and tried not to move, but my feet kept twitching. “Stop moving your feet.” How could he know that my feet were moving? I have never in my life felt so completely under the microscope as I did that night. Nothing escaped his attention, and I was controlled by the strength of his focus.

After getting my body under control, he asked if I had any toys. I said I had one. He told me to go get it, and then get back in position. I was going crazy at this point, and raced to do what he ordered. After determining what kind of toy it was, he directed me exactly how he wanted me to fuck myself with the toy – the direction, the angle – and then I learned how to find my Gspot.

I had been a squirter for a few years before this, but it only happened when I was actually fucking a man, or they were fingering me. I never knew how to find it on my own. I certainly hadn’t planned to learn that night, alone in my bedroom. But all of a sudden, once I lined up the toy the way he instructed, I began squirting like crazy. I wish I had known beforehand! I would have brought a load of towels to the bed with me. Instead, I just soaked my very expensive bedspread with cum, but I didn’t even care. Frankly I was in awe at what this man was doing, using only his voice. I would never have thought it possible.

That night, he started asking me if I was a slut, did I want to be his good little whore, and my first response was, “I’m not a whore.” Since then, I have learned to love being called a slut and a whore (in the proper context, of course), and let go of a lot of other useless ideas in my mind. With a beginning like that, it’s no surprise that my interest in this life has grown by leaps and bounds. Although fortuitous, I can’t imagine a better introduction into the world of kink than this first, very intense, lesson from my mentor. And I will always be grateful to him for that.

Amanda Lee is a lusty and enthusiastic newcomer to the world of kink who identifies with the submissive/slave/bimbo roles. After a lifetime of vanilla sex, she began to explore her dark side on Fetlife just five months ago and never looked back. Starting with a mentor who exposed her rather quickly to many dynamics of the D/s and M/s relationships via Skype, she has moved on to real life adventures. In her professional life, she is a writer.


  1. so so so hot. some of the best stories I’ve read had to do with the communication just being in a phone call. now i need to work on the real life fantasy hahahah

  2. Great read!!!

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