Erotica: Chores

maid at work

7:00am: The alarm buzzes, I’ve already been up and active for 2 hours, I silence the alarm

“Someday you’ll beat me but today’s not the day buddy”

It felt silly at first but one of Sirs exercises is to have conversations with inanimate objects. Rico was my alarm clock and we had developed a very competitive relationship.

The exercise was meant to help me get over my anxiety by seeing everything around me as someone or something I have to interact with. After a month of practice it became easier to talk and socialize with people. I didn’t have to imagine both sides of a conversation like with a toaster anymore, all I had to do was mind my own part of a conversation with a person. It really took the stress out of the whole thing.

5:00am I am out of bed and getting a load ready for the washer, colors separated detergent measured out and priority threads are the first to go in. I was almost tempted to drop a red sock in the wash as I knew it would surely earn me a spanking but decided against it, for now.

5:30am Clear the living room, a quick scan would say the living room is spotless but not to Sir. Everything in its place, coasters go offset to the right on the table, center pieces adjusted to the display center of the table.

Dust and adjust the furniture to face the room acoustics. The couch which I had named Chess was one of my favorites. He was older, and worry free full of wisdom and just a laid back recliner. Sir never let me sit on him but when He wasn’t home I would sneak a seat. I wonder what Sir would do if He ever caught me? maybe I’d deserve a whipping or a flogging. My cheeks blushed as I imagined all the possibilities.

5:50am Switch out the laundry and start the next load, I took a second to remove my own panties and throw them in as well.

“Why even bother wearing them, huh Wally?” I asked the washer “They’re just gonna get wet before breakfast” Wally didn’t say much, his mouth was full at the moment.

The morning so far had me hot and bothered. My ass was tense with desire, I wanted a spanking, I wanted to be throttled and made a wreck of. I wanted Sir to wake up and discipline me, maybe if I left something out, just a small detail that would earn me a bit of a beating.

6:00am Time to get breakfast started it’s Tuesday so Sir will be eating a high carb breakfast since he’s meeting with Lord Ed for a game of tennis at 9am then followed by a a busy work day. Some protein wouldn’t hurt either. Bacon is too fatty and chorizo is too heavy. I decided on a three egg omelet with turkey and veggies, jalapeno cheddar biscuits and gravy and a whole avocado lightly salted. To drink a shot of rum and a side of grapefruit juice. Everything is prepped just need to wait to wake up Sir.

6:30am Still so much time left, maybe I can sweep the pattern back into the carpet, I bet Sir would like that.

6:45am Everything goes by much faster when most of the work is already done. still 20 minutes before I can wake up Sir, my mouth started to water.

“Jesus I’m like Pavlovs dog, still I can’t complain I love it as much if not more that He does” my eyes drifted off as I played with the idea of pleasuring Sir.

My eyes landed on my bed, blankets strewn about, and pillows out of place. I was a bad puppy for leaving my bed in such “Terrible, simply Terrible” conditions. Bad enough to maybe deserve a spanking? I could only try to stifle a smile.

6:50 The washer finished its load and the dryer was still running, the living room was looking proper and breakfast was ready.

“Hm, I COULD prepare Sirs coffee but He likes to make it Himself” he would play with recipes and add new things or take things out, always on the search for the perfect cup.

My eyes wandered back to my messy bed and my heart skipped a beat, I panicked for a second, almost regretting my choice, my hands clenched and my pulse began to climb, blood rushed to my ears and I could hear my pulse. My body began to tense up and squirm. I squeezed my legs together in anticipation. I was nervous and giddy, My hand began to drift towards my hips then down my panty lines as I began to feel my anticipation building and getting stronger.

“PANTIES!” I snapped to attention once I realized I was still in my sleeping shirt No lingerie on, not even underwear for that matter. Sir will think I don’t care enough to put in any effort! I checked the clock

7:00am! I have to wake up Sir in five minutes, Don’t panic! Don’t Panic! I said to myself as I strangled Jessie the duster.

I ran to my room and threw open the drawer Sir had gifted me and dove in searching for the perfect combination. A glimpse of blue caught my eye, cobalt blue and streaks of black. Blue laced crotchless panties with black trimming and a matching brassiere. I took a moment to admire them, my hands ran along the soft silk picking up on the delicate features.

“These are going to get me SO LAID!”

I slipped into my delicates and made my way to Sirs room, I stood outside His room hidden in the dark hallway as I caught my breath, every morning I felt like a giddy schoolgirl. I turned the handle and slid into His room He was fast asleep. I crept in slowly on all fours and poked my head over the bed as soon as I got close enough.

I admired Him for a moment, taking in His relaxed pose while He slept, my eyes dancing over His blanketed silhouette finally stopping at His cock, fully erect with morning wood. The quick visual made my pussy tighten and pulse I had to take a second to compose myself. My mouth watered and quivered as a hand slowly crept under the covers. I reached too quickly and found His hard cock in my hand before I expected, I jumped a little in surprise and immediately my hand shot back seizing my treat.

My hand wrapped around His shaft, I could feel His pulse as each heartbeat made it twitch and engorge. I slowly made my way under the covers I was now eye to eye with His member.

“Hello Charlie I’ve been looking forward to seeing You today” I said as I gave His cock a good morning kiss. The taste of His sweet nectar immediately took me over. The world melted away and soon I was taking Charlie deep in my mouth.

My head bobbed up and down in a series of well versed and practiced bounces as I worked my tongue all around His shaft then bringing my lips around the the head of His cock and released with a soft pop. Every stroke made more of His cum drip into my eager mouth, every bit making me hotter and wetter. Sir shifted and squirmed a bit as a greedily sucked Him.

“Time to wake up Sir” I whispered as a took His entire cock down my throat, a trick Sir had taught me how to master. The sudden sensation change made Sir fully aware of me. He jolted a bit, His cock still sitting comfortably down my throat. I could feel every pulse and jolt of His cock as I slid it back and forth in and out of my mouth. I could feel my pussy starving for His cock I could almost come just sucking Him off.

He took my head in His hands and I froze. He tilted my head a bit to look up at Him, cock still in my mouth. He gave me a sweet soft smile then a cheeky smirk.

“You look incredible dear”

I melted, my legs squirmed as my pussy tightened and relaxed with pulse after pulse of tense pleasure I couldn’t help but smile.

“Open wide and take a deep breath” His whispered words filled the room and I was happy to obey.

He took my head and slid His throbbing cock past my lips pausing slightly at my tongue then slowly filled my throat. He let it sit there for a second to let the walls of my throat adjust. Then slowly he began to thrust, pulling His cock out of my eager mouth only to slide it back in with a slight shove of his hips.

He held my head in place and I could feel His fingers clench around my skull as He fucked me in whichever way he pleased. His grip strengthened around my temples He was about to come. Please Sir come for me. His breathing became short and sharp. He continued to thrust and with a sudden jolt and a quick gasp He blew His load down my throat.

The sudden sensation of His delicious cum dripping down my throat triggered my orgasm. My body twitched and jolted as I was hit with a strong orgasm that washed over me breaking over and over on the endless tide. His cock still in my throat draining its remaining load for me.

We basked for a moment, my head on His chest I could head His heart beat return to normal. His eyes were closed and He had a smirk across His lips. I took pride in that smirk, the only time I see it is when He is proud of me and it was all the validation I needed.

“Sir, breakfast will be ready soon, may I go get started?” I asked half hoping he would say no so I could continue to lie in bed with Him

“Yes, (damn!) please get started while I get ready”

He started down the hallway to His bathroom with me at His heels like an obedient pup. He paused for a moment at my bedroom door and examined it for a moment. I could see His gaze land on my bed and my heart sunk. He looked over His shoulders at me and gave me a cold gaze.

“It seems we need to practice a little more discipline” He said sternly

“Yes, Sir” I replied devilishly.

Vic Sharp is a switch living in San Diego. You can learn more about him here.


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