Erotica: The Education of Amanda, Inside Out


I was feeling under the weather this day, so I worked from home and didn’t even get dressed. I decided that on this night, I would make a healthy salad and continue working. Instead, I made a salad and binge- watched my favorite Netflix show. I happened to mention this to my mentor. He asked me if I would like an assignment to help me focus. As always, I said yes.

This time, he wanted me to prop myself up on my shoulders by the side of my bed, so that my pussy was facing the ceiling, with the result that when I started to cum, it would drip down my body, and I would be bathed in my own cum. Of course I asked my mentor if I could please have 15 minutes to look presentable first, because I knew he would want me to film it. He said no. He also said no to 7 ½ minutes. He told me to be naked when I called him.

I grabbed my exercise mat, some towels, my toys, and lined up my new Flote, which holds my iPad for when we make videos. I turned on the camera, lined my body up the way I thought my mentor would want it, and called him. He immediately started bossing me around, which I relish, and demanded that I lift my ass higher, so that all of my cum would drip down my belly, across my breasts, and into my face.

Frustration! The exercise mat kept sliding back as I pushed my pussy skyward, so that most of my cum flooded down my ass and my back. For me, whatever the assignment may be, my main goal was pleasing Daddy. Because when Daddy is pleased with me, it makes me cum like crazy. The fact that all of my cum was dripping down my back and into the towels I had under my ass didn’t comply with Daddy’s demands. I wanted him to see all of the cum his words were inspiring, so he would be pleased with me.

I pushed my legs and ass up over my head, hoping that Daddy could see the cum that was squirting out of me. But I’m not sure he did. He was angry with me, because I couldn’t recall the exact way to ask him for permission to speak, so he made me keep coming all over myself, keeping fucking myself with the glass dildo, until I remembered the correct way to ask him for permission to speak. Daddy was not my master, but I did feel like I was his slave.

Once Daddy was satisfied that I had sufficiently cum all over myself and the floor, he ordered me to slurp it all up like the shameless whore that I am. Of course, I did just that. Unfortunately the towels had absorbed a lot of my juices. I hated to disappoint Daddy, because I know he expected to see my lips on the floor, lapping up puddles of cum like an obedient puppy. I always want Daddy to be pleased with my performance, so that he will say, good girl. This is my primary goal.

One thing I know. I love to cum, love to fuck myself with my toys. But what I love most of all is pleasing Daddy. That turns me on more than anything. So upon review of my own performance tonight, and how I can improve, I have decided that the next time Daddy wants to position me so that I cum all over myself, I will forget about an exercise mat, which can slide, and towels, so that all of my cum pours right into my face, or the floor beneath me. And then I will happily press my face into the floor, sucking up every drop of my own cum, as Daddy orders. My whole face will be wet from being pressed against the floor, until not a drop of my cum remains. And he will be pleased that I am such a good little girl.

Amanda Lee is a lusty and enthusiastic newcomer to the world of kink who identifies with the submissive/slave/bimbo roles. After a lifetime of vanilla sex, she began to explore her dark side on Fetlife just five months ago and never looked back. Starting with a mentor who exposed her rather quickly to many dynamics of the D/s and M/s relationships via Skype, she has moved on to real life adventures. In her professional life, she is a writer.


  1. Damn babe this was a delightful read as ever 😉 You know which effect you have on me 😉 x

  2. Max_on_Fet says:

    I love reading about you embracing this side of yourself, and being the best slut you can be. It comes so naturally to you! Reading your thought process is enlightening as well. I can practically FEEL your need… your desire. Add in your extremely descriptive account of it all…

    It’s *very* arousing. 🙂

  3. You’ve certainly blossomed into quite the slut, I’d say! Your Daddy must be very proud ; )

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