Erotica: The Education of Amanda, Introduction to Degradation


The second time I talked with my mentor on the phone, I was very excited. Already the first time, my pussy had responded to him, squirting all over and soaking my bed. I had never experienced such a thing, that someone could do this with just their voice, and tone.

So almost as soon as we started talking, my pussy began responding again. I put the dildo in me as he instructed, but he told me not to come until he gave me permission. My pussy had other ideas, and she started squirting immediately. My mentor has this eerie way of seeming to hear every little noise or movement, and he asked me, “Did you just cum?” I said yes, and started giggling. In fact, I couldn’t stop giggling. I suppose I was just giddy with the pleasure of what I was experiencing, and I didn’t really think it was a big deal. I was wrong though.

He told me that I was a selfish little whore who only thought about my pussy, and that the first thought in my head in the morning, until I went to sleep at night, should be how to obey him. Then he told me to reach down into the puddle of cum between my legs and smear it all over my face. I started rubbing it on my cheeks and he said, “All over your face. All over your make up.” This was torture for me.

But he was not done. He said, “Since you like cumming so much, you can bend down and rub your face in that towel full of cum.” I ground my face right into that saturated towel, feeling horrible. But he was still not done. As he reprimanded me for being such a selfish slut, he told me to go get a mug. I got one, and then he instructed me to kneel in slave position, knees spread wide, and put the cup under me.

My mentor ordered me to stick the dildo into my pussy and fuck myself with it until I began to cum into the glass. He said to tell him when it was full. That didn’t take long. When it was filled to the brim, he instructed me to remove the glass from between my legs and take a sip of it, all the while telling me of my obligation to be obedient, not headstrong and selfish. I couldn’t believe I would actually drink my own cum. If anyone told me that one day I would be doing that, I would not have believed them.

But my mentor told me to drink it, and I wasn’t going to argue. Then he told me to drain the mug. This was unimaginable, but if you knew my mentor you would realize there is no arguing with him. So I drained the mug. My mentor gave me a few more words about what a selfish whore I was, and then hung up on me. At the time, no one had ever called me a whore or a slut, or ordered me to do such unspeakable things. I went to bed feeling terrible, and sad.

In time, however, I gained a better understanding of the need for obedience, and priorities. And, looking back on it, I was rather proud that I could do something so shocking without a second thought. Later we both found it amusing, and that wasn’t the last time I’ve drunk my own cum at his command. Like many new experiences, the first time was the worst time. But it was necessary for my mentor to do this, to train me to be the world class slut we both know I am meant to be.

Amanda Lee is a lusty and enthusiastic newcomer to the world of kink who identifies with the submissive/slave/bimbo roles. After a lifetime of vanilla sex, she began to explore her dark side on Fetlife just five months ago and never looked back. Starting with a mentor who exposed her rather quickly to many dynamics of the D/s and M/s relationships via Skype, she has moved on to real life adventures. In her professional life, she is a writer.


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