Erotica: Fits Like a Glove

She rolled the stocking up and over her knee, fastening it expertly to her pale pink garter. She grinned inwardly, knowing that she wouldn’t be wearing the thigh high for too long anyhow, but presentation counts!

She stepped back, admiring herself in the mirror. The pale pink set was exquisite on herself, even she could admit that. The shiny white patten leather heels weren’t too shabby either. A little tug here, a smoothing of the hand there, and she was ready to go. Sliding her trench coat over the impressive number, she grabbed her purse and was out the door.

She made good time getting across town which didn’t allow any time for the nervousness to set in. She breathed deeply, reminding herself that this wasn’t the first time for her to meet Vik. Parking, she exited her car and made her way to the front door of the modern, light gray home. Everything was hard lines, steel, and glass. It was clean. She liked it. The bell dinged, the door opened, and she was inside in a flash.

Shining her biggest grin, she greeted Vik with a hello. He was all business as usual, kissing her cheek, taking her coat, and leading her to the back room without a second glance at her carefully crafted lingerie set. She stifled her inner disappointment at that one and reminded herself that this was just the way he was. In her heart she knew he appreciated the effort in his own way…at least she hoped.

He pulled her by her hand as he heels clicked quickly on the shining floor. They entered the room and the door was shut with a snap. “Kneel,” was the only word he uttered and she did immediately. He unzipped his pants and her mouth was sheathed around his cock. She sucked and licked, only choking intermittently on his substantial dick. She’d been practicing at home with a sex toy after all. His hand gripped the back of her head as he abused her mouth, smearing her pink lipstick all over her face and his cock simultaneously. She languished in the feel of him filling her mouth. Abruptly he hoisted her to her feet, spinning her around to land her bent over onto a padded table. He pressed each wrist by her face, “Stay,” he said. There was movement behind her and suddenly she felt the crack of what she presumed to be a paddle to her ass. The hits were not horrifically painful but a bit more than a warm up to be sure. He continued with the strokes while simultaneously stroking her swollen wet pussy. Her face was red with embarrassment and the exertion of withstanding the increasingly heavy swats.

He threw the paddle aside and delivered several blistering swats with his hand. Without warning, he thrust her panties to her ankles, spread her legs, and filled her to the hilt with his fully erect cock. She stifled her moan of surprise into the table and savored the fullness she felt between her legs. Stroke after stroke punished her pussy and she loved every moment. He quickly pulled his cock out, smacking her ass with its heavy fullness and then plunged deep inside her again.

With a moan, he was spent inside her, coming fully into her, slowing his rhythm down until he collapsed over her. Breathing hard, he brushed her hair away from her ear and gave her a kiss. “Mmm, I love being in my little pussy, fits like a glove.”

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