Erotica: Good Girl, That’s All For Now – Part 2


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Did he really just leave me waiting for him only to blow me off? Everything inside me was boiling hot. I was mad but also another feeling I wasn’t quite familiar with before. Why was I so eager to please this man I had only met a few hours before. Why did I even care what he thought?

As I laid there still staring at my phone, just waiting to see those these little dots pop on the screen, I couldn’t believe I had been so fooled by this person. Who was he? Why did he talk to me? Why did I even bother? So many questions swirling through my mind until I fell asleep.

I was rudely awoken by the sound of my phone. A text message? What time was it?

I looked at my screen and the name Hunter appeared on my screen. It was 2:35am. My heart fluttered and pulse quickened.

I opened the text and it read…”Send me your address, I will be arriving soon.”

I paused, staring at the screen. I knew that if I sent my address he would come over and do all the dirty things I had been thinking he was going to do to me earlier. But did I want him to? I felt so brushed off and unimportant earlier. But my need to see him again outweighed my desire to be right.

I texted him my address and eagerly stared at the screen.

His instructions:

  • Unlock your door for me
  • Wait on your living room floor, on your knees, facing the door
  • I want your eyes looking on the ground a few inches in front of you
  • I will give you further instructions upon arrival.

I followed his instructions. I waited on my living room floor for what seemed like an eternity. I felt slightly foolish for sitting here this way, not really knowing when he might arrive or IF he would arrive at all.

I started to think, what if he just leaves me here all night? What was I going to do then. My mind was racing…until I saw the lights coming up my driveway.


I nervously adjusted my body to make sure I was in a perfect kneeling position. I heard his car door shut. My heart was pounding in my chest.

He opened the door slowly and shut it behind him.

I continued staring at the spot on the ground he asked me to look at, fighting ever urge in my body to look up at him. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. Never had I felt these types of feelings before. I felt like I may faint at any moment.

He was silent, except for the sound of his keys against the side table near my front door. I was suddenly aware of every little sound around me. The sound of his footsteps drawing near to me. The sound of the wind outside. The sound of my beating heart in my chest.

He approached me and I began to tense up. “Relax my sweet, sweet girl” he said in that oh so sexy voice. He ran his hand down the back of my head and neck. His touch felt so sweet and my body began to relax again.

“Good girl” he said so confidently. I was already starting to melt in his hands


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